The end of the old creation

I am once again coming into an adjustment of my theology, on what truly the new creation of the eternal kingdom represents.

I believed on a restoration of the creation in regards to what God had created in the beginning.

Yesterday on my bike ride was one of those events, which again caused me to once again reevaluate my understanding on what is truth.

I have believed on a restoration of all things, bringing back all things to what was at the beginning, when the Lord created Adam and Eve, and the order of reality in, which they lived before the fall. But once again, as many times in my history in the faith. I have again been confronted with maybe what I now believe isn’t really the reality of the truth of revelation. Maybe what I now think I know really isn’t the full reality of what Christ accomplished at Calvary?

Yesterday was once again a devastation to my apprehension of what I truly believe. It was a veil lifting moment in time, when I began to see something different to what I believed as truth. Something which once again caused me to examine what I have believed. Once again my ducks that I put in a row, were once again scrambled?

What I believe the Lord is revealing to me now, is not a restoration of something of a past order of creation, Like bringing back all things to a past ordering of a creation and cosmos that was, but now restored back to Christ.

I am beginning to see that the cross was not the restoration of something old, which was good before the fall of Adam. What I am beginning to see is a completely new beginning. A true death of one order of reality that once was. Like the world of the flood. After the flood the ancient world before the flood was no more, gone for ever?

This new creation that the bible speaks on, I am starting to believe is something completely other and different. It is something out of nothing, a completely new reality of the creating act of God in Christ. Not a restoration which so many believe in, but a completely new dimension of reality that is foreign to what we have believed?

Again the blindness of, I once was blind but now I see, is taking shape.

I am again having to move away from what I believe the Lord has given in the past, to now something of a new reality of truth revealed now?

To be continued…..

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