The apostolic life of new creation

The apostolic life of Christ as the event in this world and cosmos, is the life that lives in the dimension of the cosmic reality of the heavenlies, which is the world that is outside of time and space, but also at the same time very much intertwined and overlapping the world of time and history.

When the Lord brings us in to this other dimensional place and reality, it is a truly strange and otherworldly environment, but at the same time a very normal one also.

It is the dimension of the cosmically other of what is reality now. It is the strange environment of the sense of a different kind of seeing. Its were things that are in this world of darkness become visible reality and light?

Its a freeing kind of atmosphere. Its like diving into water that holds one in a different state of existence. One is carried by it, it seems like one is no longer the one directing his steps and movements. Its like one is in a moving flowing river that is taking you on some journey, that you really have no or very little involvement in the direction of.

Our life in this world is a life of our own directions, making decisions and plans, and then following those plans out by our own actions and movements. But the apostolic like of the Christ, things are now directed by a different kind of life force. Its like you are taken and brought into something, which is moving and flowing very effortlessly. Its like your feet are off the ground, and you are just kind of flowing in a direction that seems to know where its going. Like you are a spectator in a drama watching things being played out?

This I believe is a common experience in the life of the cosmic Christ of the new creation. Its a life that seems to be connected to the eternal world of a different kind of an age, but also at the same time very connected to this present age and time. Its like an universal existence in a totally different dimension of reality and being. It seems to move very effortlessly and very calmly. Its a feeling of being in a place were all things in your life and existence are now taken care of. Its like everything is now provided for you.

The atmosphere around you seems to be very pure and light. The heaviness of this life and world, seems to be lifted off you. The weight of living in this world seems to have no place, in this rarefied air of the new dimensional reality, of the otherness of Christs world of new creation. You get the feeling of being very much still of this world, but also at the same time, a feeling of very much out of this world?

This apostolic life of new creation seems to not have the realities that the old life has. It seems like there is a new kind of order of existence and being. Even as one is still living in the dimension of this old world and order of the life of living in the physical body. It feels like all the enemies of the creation past, before the cross, have now been exiled or brought to nought?

In this new world of creation there seems to be only one reality, which is governing, which is of a pure and freeing kind of force, with the feeling of a sense of total acceptance, like one now is in the place, which one was meant to be in?

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