All that is in the world

The Apostle John said that this whole world is dominated and ruled by the evil one?

This present world, and system of reality, is under the dominion of the invading force called sin death and the devil.

The evil one, as he is known, is the present ruler of this hostile, to the God of heaven system, of what is reality in this present space and time in which we live in.

The layers of this truth run into the very depths of everything, which is of this present world system, of how things operate in this life.

This world is under the greatest deception of history. It is living under the great lie of the darkness, which hides this truth, that this world is dominated and ruthlessly ruled, and manipulated by a supernatural cosmic evil, which is of epic proportion and reality.

This sphere that broods over the nations is called by Jesus a kingdom, who Paul called the prince of the powers of the air, the spirit that now works in this system of reality, who are called the children of disobedience.

These deep bible truths are hidden in the realm of deep darkness, which is the natural atmosphere of this present world. It is the covering of the nations who live under this cloud?

It is a stunning event when the Lord opens our inner eyes, to see the depths of this calamity of the present reality of the truth of the condition of this world.

The depths of this union of sin death and the devil, in union with this world, run deep into the very foundations of all the systems of this anti God union of humanity and the powers, who are the gods of this age.

This invisible sphere of reality, which has the reins to all the systems of this life, jerk and manipulate the nations into doing maddening things of extreme evil.

This unholy union goes into the very depths of our humanity. Its hard to see where one ends and the other begins.

This is the great lie that mankind does not want to believe, that he is under dominion of another. Humanity thinks that he is free, but humanity is a slave, a salve to a ruthless dictator, who’s very nature is evil at its being?

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