Israel and the powers of this age

This is the last piece of the eschatological puzzle before the return of the Lord.

The restoration of Israel under Christ is the event of all events.

This final last day’s return of the natural branches to Christ, as a nation, is the trigger that releases the spiritual into the natural.

History has seen an inflow of Jews to Christ on an individual level, which is the election of grace.

But we have not yet been witness to a rebirth of the entire nation.

This Isaiah says, that a nation shall be born in a day.

This single last eschatological event releases the Messianic kingdom from the heavens to the earth.

The fullness of all the messianic promises waits for this moment in history.

If there is no nation then the promises are of non-effect.

The powers are very aware of this reality; this is why the last day’s antagonism against this nation will be greater than history has yet witnessed.

We have already witnessed the sad plight of the Jew throughout history.

This event is what the bible calls the time Jacobs’s trouble, but Jacob will be delivered from it.

But we really do not know the full extent to this trouble; some believe it is on a level greater than the, I can’t even say the words. My heart breaks to even fathom such an event.

If we didn’t see it in the scriptures we wouldn’t dare say it, but it is there.

It’s a reality that I can’t even fathom.

The only thing that will save this nation from this final last days devastation is the return of the Lord.

The scriptures are very clear on this, there is a persecution that is coming, which we have not yet witnessed.

The powers of the air will release their full final last days furry against this people, through the agency of their earthly rulers and servants.

We are now witnessing this event take shape.

The isolation of Israel is beginning to form.

I don’t believe this event will be confined to the middle east, I believe it will be through all the nations, but the center of it will be in the land of Israel.

Art Katz said that the issue of Israel is the issue of the nations.

The nations will continue to be in rebellion against God, until this chosen nation comes inline to their chosen destiny, which is to be the theocratic rule of God to the nations.

This has been their national calling from the beginning.

They will be the light that enlightens the rebellious gentiles.

But this event waits for their reinstatement into the covenant tree, which is Christ our Lord.

They must be reborn, not as individuals but as a nation.

This the powers know much better than we, they are very versed in the prophetic scripture.

But what the powers are blind to is the wisdom of the cross, they can’t grasp this mystery, it is a foreign wisdom to them.

In their last day’s evil lust of casting this nation into the sea, they at the end of this event are the ones that are destroyed.

They like Haman, hang on their own gallows, which they have prepared for this people.

I personally believe this last day’s event births the resurrection from among the dead.

I believe the two events are one in nature.

The first resurrection, which is the church, when we meet the Lord in the air, triggers the natural resurrection of the nation.

I can’t see how one can happen without the other.

The nation cannot be reborn until the powers are defeated, the defeat of the powers by Christ is the event the triggers their national rebirth.

This time they will say, you are our God; we have waited for you.

Then the Lord will say those wonderful words, you are now my true people, you name is no longer Jacob you are now Israel my servant.

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