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The end of all things are near?

We are fast approaching the end of all things.

There is a great transition coming to this earth.

There is a completely different reality coming to this world, which is so other to what is now.

This whole world system, which we presently are related to, is in a state of complete rebellion against the God of heaven.

When we see as God sees this world, it is a devastating event for us.

When one is given, and brought into the realm and reality, of the truth of the condition of this world, then one is completely shocked at the truth of it.

This world is an enemy of God, but also everything, which represents the truth of God.

This whole world system is built on a foundation of lies.

The very atmosphere, and air we breathe in the world, is charged with hostility, rebellion, and evil.

When we truly see, as God sees, then we begin to believe what the Bible teaches, about the condition of this present evil world.

All that is in this world is hostile, and in state of rebellion, against the truth of what God says about it.

The real rulers of this present evil age, they are the real gods of this system, and order and reality.

Humanity is cradled in this reality, and the dominion of the fallen powers, who rule in this evil age.

To see the truth of what is lying behind this world, is a shocking event once witnessed.

It is very hard to believe the truth of this world, until the veil is lifted, and then we see as God sees reality.

love not this world, neither the things of this world, If we love the things in this world, then we make ourselves the enemy of God.

This world is under the judgment of God.

It is a terrifying seeing of what is coming to this world.

If the righteous are scarcely saved, then what is ahead for those who know not God?

The truth is, that the bible means what it says, and says what it means.

To love this world, is not to believe, in the coming calamity, which the bible teaches, is coming to this world.

But when one is born of God, and then God gives you seeing, as he sees, then you know why its so true, and is not a lie.

Jesus always said, I tell you the truth.

When we see as God sees, the real condition of this world, then we start to believe, why the coming wrath of God is truth, and just?

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I believe that everything God has done through Christ is only revealed in the revelation of the Cross of Calvary. When one sees the truth of Christ and him crucified, then one sees true reality.

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