The Queen of the nations

We live in the midst of two ages, we are also creatures of two ages.

One age is vanishing away into the night of nothingness, but still grasping to be heard, felt, and acknowledged, not wanting to have its ending? Grasping at the fleeting ends of its own self existence, of wanting to remain, in a land of limited time and space?

This creature called time, who lives in the midst of us, who longs to be the one and only one, who calls for us to follow itself, into the darkness of the pathway of the night.

This dark sinister mistress of the nations, who is fading away, leaving, going, exiled, but also trying to remain, as the one and only one?

The song of this false shepherd, who entices us with her magical spells of lies and songs of sensuality. She wants us to believe that she is still the only one, and there is no other.

But her sorcery and spells no longer hold us in her cunning enchantments and desires, of a fading time that is near the end of her journey.

For the night of her existance is upon her, her fading voice is beginning to be heard, she cries for our love and affection, but they grow dim, but we can not follow her any longer, into the vanishing night .

This poisonous serpent of time, who calls us with her magical flute of passion and praise, come follow me she cries, for I am, and there is no other, but little does she know, that her cries are fading, her beauty has been revealed as nakedness? her flattery has been revealed as her shame?

She is no more, the city of the nations, her end has come upon her, her time is at hand, for the Lord has judged her wickedness, she will be no more, she will be a byword among the nations.

The fruit of her adulteries have ascended the holy place of the most high, she has been weighed in the balances, and she has been counted as profane.

She says in her heart, I sit as a queen and there is no other, but she does not know, that her widowhood is upon her? her time is at hand?

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