The lightless lords of creation

The lightless Lords of creation, dry springs, empty cisterns that can not hold water. Wondering stars of blackness, brooding over the nations, empty vessels of time, shop keepers of hate, rejected and dismissed, fading into the blackness, follow us is their cry, freedom is their words, bondage is their trap? hate is their feast, love is their hate?

Creatures of the night, shuttering from the light, cloaked in the darkness, soaked with the lifeless, ancient ones of a time long passing, rejected, cast out, wondering about, we are here with you, we have a place in the assembly, why does thou reject us, who once lived in the light, who once walked among the stones of the light, but now rejected by our own sight?

Oh how thou has fallen, sons of the morning, who walked in the light, who’s love once was so bright, but thou has chosen, the dark lonely night, that has no light, which once was so bright. Open up, let us live again, let us feel, let us in, from the lonely cold night?

You who once lived, in the so bright, who’s cover was the pure light, who thought, we will never see the dark night, for we are the sons of the great light? we have never known to be without light?

But then came in the darkness of night, the shock was not right, then faded the light, then came in the night? cast from the height, into the long lonely night?

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