Born in the Garden tomb

There is a new heavens and a new earth now, for those who have been born into them. God in Christ is now ruling and reining in the age to come, but already has come.

How many today believe and are living in the eternal age, of the Messianic kingdom of heaven. This eternal, yet very present reality of the new heavens and new earth, run alongside of present history. Christ said it is finished, creation has been redeemed, the end of the journey has now come. The fullness of the redemptive act of God in Christ has arrived. At the cross the Lord finished the new creation, Jesus through his death and resurrection has already redeemed creation. The glory of the risen one is shining throughout the universe.

When we read the gospels there are hints and mysteries revealed in them of what Christ accomplished at the cross.

Christ was raised from the dead in the garden tomb, it signals the restoration of the fall of man. In the garden the Lord shed his grave cloths and walked out of the tomb, out from the power of death, and then he entered the garden, which signals that what Adam lost has now been restored through the work of Christ.

This is what the Lord has done for the creation. Through his death and resurrection we enter the tomb of death, but we awake in the garden of life. The paradise of God through Christ is now restored for his creatures. The new creation on the other side of death has come. The glory of the coming one has now arrived.

God is now working backwards, God is bending history into the reality of the eternal age, which has come, but also continues to come. The end of the story is not going to heaven, but heaven coming to us? Thine kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven is the prayer. Heaven is going to invade this earth and make it as it is in heaven.

God in Christ wants to live with us on a redeemed and restored place called earth, but a new earth where all the old pathways of corruption have been removed. A new world where the glory of the risen one shines in every corner of this wonderful place, which he has created for his creatures, whom he has chosen to love for ever and ever, an age without ending.

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