Our God he is God, there is no other God

Our God he is in control of all things, nothing happens without his direct knowledge.

He sits over the nations ruling them with his divine purposes.

No force in this universe can, nor will alter the eternal purpose, which he eternally ordained through the death of the son of his love.

Everything around us seems to be out of control, but the rod of authority is in his hand.

His divine justice broods over his people, no one, no event, will ever be able to dislodge one of his elect from his hand of mercy.

His overwhelming divine authority is matchless, his divine mercy is endless, his divine love is eternal.

Our God he is God, there is no other God. Even though there are many who claim the name, there is only one name, it is the name above every name, his name is Jesus, he is Lord and King, always has been, always will be.

He sits on the mercy seat ruling with justice and equity for all.

Our God he is King over all the earth. Let the nations rage, let the kings of the earth rise up in revolt, he who sits in the heavens laughs.

The whole created order of reality is held together by his divine power.

There is no other God, he is God, he is Lord, he is King, He is the Lamb slain long before the foundation of the world, revealed in these last days as the witness to the true and living one. Who is mercy, who is love, who is justice, who is for us, not against us.

The end of all Gods ways is always his glory, for ever and ever, a world where there is no ending, endless steams of living water, pouring into his people, who are the sheep of his pasture, and the work of his hand.

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