A once blessed nation?

I wrote this article about ten years ago, oh my how things have changed for this once prosperous nation.

We are moving so far from the true biblical foundations, Which not to long ago, we had a prime minster of our nation, who called himself a fellow believer in Christ, and also tired to observe true biblical principles.

If we continue down this dark road, of chasing God from our nation, then who knows what the end of this journey will look like.

God is not mocked, whatsoever a nation sows, this will it then also reap.

What will this nation, which once tried to stand for true biblical principles, look like when this anti-Christ journey ends?

I know we as a people are very reserved, but I feel the spirit of the Lord is beginning to stir my heart, to stand against the darkness, which if one has eyes to see, has invaded this land and people.

We today are in a war, a war of two roads, one leads to death, but the other leads to life, which one will you choose?

Written in 2010

Today while reading on the present prosperity of Canada, the article was praising it seemed like everything that makes up the nation.

The relatively almost not event for us when the financial meltdown occurred, the strong banking sector, the strong housing market, the GDP to debt ratio better than any other G7 country, the most desirable county for immigration. It seems like we can do no wrong at this moment in our history.

So with so much economic turmoil in this world, why are we so little unscathed by the events that have seemed to engulf every other nation.

Are we really that good? How are we stick handling our way through these staggering days?

I believe there is only one reason for this, God!

Why would the Lord seem to bless us so much? Are we really that holy as a nation? Are we really any better than any other people in this world?

Not that I am a strong supporter of the Stephen Harper government, but does Israel have a better friend than Canada at this moment?

God does promise to bless those that bless Israel.

This is the only conclusion that is possible; we as a nation led by our present government have stood side by side with Israel.

This is the mandate of the Lord for all nations.

Not that Israel deserves anything because of their actions or present state of things, that has nothing to do with it. It is only because of their election, which is the only reason we support this ancient people.

Even in their present state of unbelief they continue to be the chosen nation.

Has god rejected them like many would say? Paul shouts at us God forbid!

This will never happen!

We have to realize that it is because of their rejection that the favor of God has now come to us. Paul says if their rejection has been the result of riches to the gentiles, what could their reinstatement into the life that we have been grafted into mean. Paul says life from the dead?

What can this possibly mean life from the dead?

Just think, if their rejection of their Lord means riches to us gentiles, just imagine what kind of an event this world will witness when they as a nation return to their native tree, which is Christ.

Imagine the event this world will witness when Jacob bows before his Lord and says yes you are my God?

I don’t think we have the capacity to imagine such a thing!

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