The two humanities of creation?

The death and resurrection of Christ is the most propound mystery in Gods creation. There is nothing that is more contested than this truth. All the assaults’ of the evil powers of this present age, are all directed and focused to keep this hidden from the fallen humanity of Adam.

The coming of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, split this world in two. Before the coming of Jesus, all lived in common, in one reality, all were alive in a man called Adam.

What Adam represents is a order of reality that we all partake of. Yes I believe Adam was a real figure in history, but he was much more than a figure of history. Adam was also a divine created reality, an order of existence of creaturehood, which all of the former humans that ever lived prier to the cross, partook of.

Before the cross all where alive in Adam, the first created humanity of God. In Adam all share this common life of Adam. All are members of this humanity. A humanity of one kind of a life, a humanity we come into when we enter this world.

This humanity of Adam is our inheritance, just by coming into this world. No one comes into this world without being a member of the family of Adam.

All that Adam represents is also true of us. We are all partakers of his nature and substance. The great problem with Adam is, that he is a lost man, Adam is a deceived man, Adam is a blinded man, a man that was cast out of the presence of God. Adam is now a man who is lost in a dark world, but Adam does not know this. Adam is a man that gave his God given inheritance to be Gods son away. Adam through his act of disobedience, sold himself, but not only himself, but also all of his decedents. Adam is now no longer what God created, Adam is now a servant to another. Adam is now sold to the powers of sin death and the devil. Adam and all of his decedents are now prisoners, but Adam does not know this, Adam is now blinded by the God of this age.

So all who are in this world are now members of Adam. Adam is a life force, its a reality of being, its what we are all partakers of in Adam.

The life of Adam is like a river that we are all floating in, it carries us along by some kind of a life force. Its not even about being good nor bad, religious nor unreligious, black or white, man or woman, all share in the reality of this kind of existence, life and being.

There are many in this world that try to live a good moral life, and there are many that don’t, but the truth is that they all still continue to partake in a life that is common to all, which is Adams life.

The bible teaches us that the whole world lye’s in the evil one, this means that all who are in Adam, good or bad, religious or not, lye in the power of the evil one, the one who stole what Adam lost.

Adam is now a bondservant to another, his freedom has been lost, Adam is now, through his fall, caught in river, a river which is very hostile to him and all who are in him. Adam is trapped in this river, Adam has no way out, the end of this raging wild river, is separation and death.

This is what we all through our birthright in Adam inherent, its common to us all, its all we know, as the members of this race of people, who are called the decedents of Adam.

Paul says that Adam was a type and figure of one who was to come. Adam as a representative type of humanity, is the racial head of this kind of humanity. So also the coming of Jesus into this world, through a woman of Adam, but the difference was, through the seed of God. Christ came into this world without the corruption of the fallen man of Adam.

What Jesus brought into this world was a different kind of a humanity. What Jesus brought with him was a new type of humanity, a new kind of creature, a new kind of reality of life and being, a life that is other and also separated from the life of Adam, but also separated from the God of Adam, who we know is the present prince of this world, who the bible teaches is the god of this age.

The coming of Jesus into this world, split this world in two. Now one type of humanity in this world continues living by the life of Adam, but also another kind of humanity now lives by the life of the eternal Christ.

Jesus through the event of his death and resurrection brought into this world a new kind of creature, a creature who is created in Gods image and likeness. A creature that is as different from Adam as day is different from night. These two creatures of this present world grow together until the end of the age. One creatures destiny is eternal life, but the other creatures destiny is separation and death.

The questions for all of us who believe these truths are, are you living by the life of Adam, or are you living by the life of Christ?

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