False Prophetic voices of this age

When I wrote this article the election vote in the US was still being counted.

If Biden wins, which its looking like this might be the end result, I wonder what will be of all those so called prophetic people, who have come out and said that Trump would win. Because they have gone to heaven and the Lord told them this would happen.

If trump does end up winning is not even the point, the point is how many of these super prophets, in their arrogance, come up with claims of going to heaven whenever they want to. They tell us of all the so called stories of what heaven is, and how blessed they are to have this special relationship with the Lord.

This isn’t just the odd person that is coming out with this stuff, its a whole bunch of the so called prophets of today.

Where is our discernment today as the Church. People just suck this stuff up like crazy. When their words do not come true, they seem to just get away with it, they carry on to the next thing.

How long will Gods people continue to suck up this falseness. Paul warned us about this arrogance of the end time, calling them super Apostles.

If any in church history had the right to brag about their experiences in Christ it was Paul. Paul said that he knew a man in Christ that was caught up into the third heaven, right into paradise. Paul refused to even mention that it was himself who was this man. Paul said that he was not even permitted to speak on the things that were revealed to him, but no this prophetic movement today, with their so called seers, have no trouble telling everyone of their great experiences, which they are so lucky to have.

The sad part is that the church just sucks this stuff up, it seems like they cant get enough of it.

What is so wrong with Gods people today, are their spiritual lives so empty that they need to hear this stuff. The sad part is people don’t understand that if these prophets are deceived, then the people who listen to them will also partake of this demonic deception, which comes from the dark rulers of this age.

Today people just about believe everything they hear. There doesn’t seem to be any true discernment, nor any grasp of the what the scriptures teach. If they feel it comes with some kind of a power, then it must be of God, but the word teaches us to be very careful, especially in these last days.

Everyone today wants to have spiritual power, but if this power doesn’t come from the cross, then we have to ask ourselves, where then does it come from?

Where is the central Pauline message of the cross today. Paul only gloried in the cross, everything else was garbage in comparison to Christ and him crucified. Paul truly knew, that the real power of God was, and has always been revealed in the Cross.

To see Christ and him crucified, is to see the power of God. There and only there does the power of the spirit dwell. The holy spirit camps out at the foot of the cross of Calvary. If we want to see the power of God, then we must learn how to bow to enter this holy place, where the only way in is death?

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