Apostolic ministry

Apostolic ministry is something, which I believe this generation has not yet been witness to, yes there are many in the Christian Church who claim this authority, they even have the arrogance to call themselves end time Prophets and Apostles, and the sad part of it is that multitudes chase after these so called men and women, who proclaim that they are the oracle of God for this hour.

Today the Christian faith is full of these self proclaimed men and women of the hour. Speaking and making great pronouncements of, which when I hear them, I want to spit my guts out. When I hear some of these so called apostolic people, I am in wonder why in the world would anyone believe the trash coming out from them. I find that when I listen to some of these so called end time wonders, I feel I am doing damage to my inner man. The false spirt behind some of these people is shocking, but people just keep sucking in this stuff, even when they time after time are proven wrong.

Even in the midst of this disappointing present phenomena, I still truly believe we will again in the coming days, be an witness to the truth of this end time ministry. I believe that there is coming a true apostolic ministry, which will again speak a word that will stagger this world. I truly believe that there is a real soon coming apostolic witness to this world. I believe these end of the age ministries will once again reappear onto the stage of history.

God has a people who are not well known, hidden in the nations, waiting for the Lord to speak them into the theater of this age.

They will not be begging for your money, they will call the church back to true holiness.

This apostolic ministry will once again have true authority over the principalities and powers of this age. They will be the representatives of the ascended, glorified risen Lord of glory. They will speak with the authority of heaven. When they proclaim their words, heaven will answer them.

I believe that there is coming an apostolic anointing for those who are living in the risen Lord, which will rival the early Church.

In my almost forty years in the faith, I think that I have only really heard a few who truly walked in this kind of an anointing, and if one would of told one of these servants that they were walking in this measure of anointing, they would of probably had a heart attack. People who live in this kind of a authority are also at the same time very conscious of their own short comings, of their faults and failings. They would have been shocked to hear anyone say such a thing about them.

But oh no, these so called men and women of the hour, just love to be spoken of as the great apostle or prophet, the oracle of God.

Oh how far we have come away from the reality, of what a true witness of the Lord truly is. Where is the humility of the Lamb in these people, do they even know him? How long oh dear Lord before this deck of cards finally collapses on itself? When will you again arise to shake this unreality from your house?

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