Light and darkness

We really don’t see as we think we see. When we are living in the realm of the natural humanity, this life seems to have some sense to it, and in it, but when one comes onto the ground of in Christ Jesus, then this present reality of this world, it then seems to be such a dark and different place.

We only see the true darkness of this world, when one comes into the reality of living in the new humanity of Christ.

It is so confusing to many once they are brought into this strange environment, full of strange impressions and events. One finds himself like a fish out of water. The things he is now alive to are so other and different, than he once thought as reality, and also what this world thinks of as reality.

People who have not come onto the ground of the new man in Christ, they are not able to see this truth, as Jesus spoke in the bible, which is regarding this world we live in.

In our natural condition this world looks like its not to bad of a place, especially when one lives in the western countries, but in Christ Jesus, what Jesus says about this world starts to make some sense.

Its shocking to see when the Lord brings us into his reality of seeing, to the place of seeing things as they truly are. One feels like he might be going crazy at times in regards to the things that are now being revealed. There seems not to be to much sense or logic to it.

The two realities of this world, the natural and the spiritual, they seem to be so out of joint to each other. Its almost like night and day, the difference is so profound.

We all live in a life, which from birth is in a place of darkness, but the strange thing is that this life we are born into seems like its the truth, that is until we come into the true new birth, then when our inner eyes are opened, and we begin to see everything, which we thought of as reality, it is really false reality. Everything is not as we thought it was. Everything is so other than what we have been told, and been taught about this life.

This new world, which Paul calls the heavenlies in Christ Jesus, is such a strange environment, it is so full of things, which are so very other and different, to the things most people of this life know and live.

We are born into this world thinking we are living in the day, but the truth of what the Lord teaches is that we are really living in the time of the night. This preset darkness is so dark, that we think its the day?

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