End time Apostolic Church

Where is the apostolic power gone that the Lord promised to the Church?

When the Lord ascended to the Father, Jesus said, you will do greater works.

The great question is why haven’t we seen these things take place since the apostolic age.

Not that we should crave to be some great power among men, but the Lord did promise the church this authority.

There are many differing opinions regarding this question. Some say it was only for the early Church. Others say this will be given to Israel at her restoration.

There are also many that claim that they are moving in this power now? Personally I haven’t seen this reality yet.

Some also think that there will be some old testament prophets appear in the end of the age, with these great powers called the two witnesses.

The great question is why haven’t we seen this apostolic manifestation since the early days of the Church?

Do we even believe this is available for the church?

When the disciples came back from all the great works, which they were given to do in the name of the Lord. They told the Lord with great joy of all they accomplished. They said even the demons were subject to them?

One thing the Lord said that I think is key, I saw Satan falling from heaven as lighting.

This statement seems to coincide with the disciples authoritative manifestations of Kingdom power.

This preparatory event, which was being exercised by the disciples, I believe was a preparatory event, to the end time main event, which is Satan and his angels, actually, physically, being cast out of the heavens, and into the earth?

I believe this early apostolic outpouring, was a per figurative symbolic manifestation, of the end of the age coming main fullness event, which ushers in the theocratic rule, and Kingdom of God, over the nations.

The early and latter rain teachings are based loosely on this premise.

The early rain is a symbolic earnest, to the promised full outpouring of heavenly authority, which is promised at harvest time.

Just like the earnest of the spirit, which is the down payment, signaling the full release of the promise at the culmination of the age?

We do know that Satan’s throne still is in the realm of the heavens.

His judgment was pronounced on the cross, but the execution of his sentence waits for the end of this age, when he is literally cast from the heavens, and into the earth.

2 thoughts on “End time Apostolic Church

  1. “For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it” Matthew 8:9

    The authority the Church expresses is contingent upon our being under His authority. The measure of your authority will be proportional to your obedience to Him. We need look no further than ourselves for the answer.

    “why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” Authority is the revelation of our relationship to Him; it is not based on promises but on our submission to His Will.


    • For by grace you are saved through faith, its Gods gift to us. We are incapable, unwilling, dead men cant live? The deeper the death of Christ in us, the more one understands, that I can do nothing unless Christ raises me from my grave? Obedience comes from his life in me? Dead men cant be obedient? When Christ decides to shake this world, then he will breath into the dry bones?


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