Storm clouds are coming

Israel is the physical representation of what God is doing in the earthly realm.

The Church is the spiritual representation of what God is doing in the spiritual realm.

Two different realms of reality, but one great eternal destiny.

Israel and the Church are like a man and a woman, two different entities, but together in union they are one.

Israel will not come to its millennial calling without the Church. The Church will not come to its heavenly calling without Israel, the two are inseparable in Gods eternal plan of redemption, each is incomplete without the other.

What is happening to Israel in this world, is a prophetic picture of what is happening to the church in the heavenly realm.

If the world is starting to turn against Israel, then know this, it will also turn on the Church, we will not escape this.

If we are the Church, then we are grafted into their tree, their promises, their sufferings, but also their eternal destiny.

Israel and the Church are entering into the time of shaking, God is going to allow us to be sifted.

Friendship with this present world is about to be taken from us. God is not going to allow us to be nominal Christians much longer. Don’t be surprised when this world begins to turn on you.

If you bare the mark of the spirit of God, you will be an agitation to this world, you will stand out, people around you that you once lived in harmony with, will begin to wonder about you, your very presence will agitate them.

When these events unfold, don’t blame the people around you, or the nations that surround you, they are not the cause of the trouble.

Why? Because God is allowing it to happen. There is always a time of great trouble, and darkness, before God brings to birth something new.

One thing we do know is, we have not come this way before, it is new in Gods eternal redemptive plan, regarding his soon approaching eternal kingdom.

What’s ahead? Who knows. What I do know is, I see great storm clouds approaching the nation of Israel.

Will we proceed ahead when the time of trouble confronts us? or will we turn back and say, this is way too much for me, I cant do this?

Israel as a nation has no choice, they cannot turn back.

Will we the Church in the nations still stand with ancient Israel, as the nations turn on them?

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