The fall of creation?

What really happened in the garden in the beginning of the creation?

The bible doesn’t give very much information regarding the incident, which transpired between Adam, Eve, and the serpent figure.

We do know from what is written, that man lost something, which he had, and gained something foreign and other to his nature.

That’s the great question that many scholars have wrestled with, were did evil come from?

Was evil something that was a reality before man fell?

If man was created upright, how did evil enter the human race?

Some writers believe that evil existed long before man was created.

Some believe that God jugged a former creation, long before God created man.

We do know from Isaiah and Ezekiel that there was some great rebellion in long ages past,which occurred in the angelic creation.

This seems to say to us that evil had existed for long ages.

The question is, how did this virus impregnate into the human family?

The only account we have is the incident in the garden. Somehow sin entered the human race from this one event.

Something so evil happened that it changed the very DNA of the human race.

Some writers say that there was some kind of exchange between the man, the woman, and the serpent.

This one event impregnated the whole human race with evil, which had existed long before man was created.

I’m not going to speculate on what happened, but we do know that whatever happened was very offensive to God.

Some writers take great liberty on what transpired, but the bible does not give us much information regarding this incident.

We do know that now we have this great cancer in us now, which is called sin.

It is the cause of all the evil in this world. This cancer called sin now seems to be attached to the very depths of our being.

It’s like a never ending well of poison water, which pollutes everything it touches.

This sin virus seems to be attached to the spirit world, which surrounds us.

It seems to get its energy from it, the two seem to be joined together in this great deluge of poison water, which is now spewing out of the race of mankind.

The bible calls the father of this evil, the prince of this present age. He now is the energizing force, which is released into the once good creation.

This character, who is called the adversary, he was called a murderer from the beginning, who did not abide in the truth?

And now through the event of the fall of our first parents, we also have become partakers in this great rebellion of evil with him.

We find that this very nature of evil, has been implanted right in the heart of the human family, but also in the cosmic creation?

Jesus told the Pharisees that he was their real father.

This sin issue was so great, that God himself had to come into this evil world, and pay the penalty for it.

I don’t think we are able to understand the magnitude of what transpired on the cross.

God dealt with this ageless universal evil, in his own Godhead, once and for all time.

This penalty for sin was so great, that only god himself could deal with it, through his own Godhead, in the event of his Son.

T Austin Sparks calls the cross D-day for the human race.

That’s why the cross is central of the Christian life.

The event of the cross in us, is the release from the power of this poison, which is called sin.

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