The dark night

Oh this journey into the night, through the one who conquered the grave.

Fading into this darkness of despair, receding into this journey, the lonely night, with so little light.

This loneliness, this hopelessness, this darkness of the soul in flight, from this dark lonely night?

Clouds, shades of grey, covering, washing, entombing the emptiness of this grave?

Oh, lowly one, meek, master of our souls, why such a lonely dark path to you roam?

Why take us on this journey of the night, into this dark lonely fight, of this long time of night.

Hidden in the dark night, there is a new light, that only shines bright, in this dark night.

Living, breathing, expressions not known, distant reflections of a world beyond now, but almost in, but almost out?

Mysteries, hidden, waiting to see, to feel, to breath, to laugh, to love again?

A world not known, moments not seen, not in this time, not this moment?

Looking, longing, seeing, knowing, but believing, grasping, praying to one who is, who was, and who will be?

Rejoicing, loving, guiding, finding.

Can you hear him? He is calling?

Can you answer His name?

He is Jesus, he is the day, but he is also the night?

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