Distant rays of a once vibrant life, fading, receding, disappearing into the past..

The rays of a new world, waiting, longing, calling us, come live, laugh, dance, sing..

Almost here and now, but yet still before us, a lovely land of joy and peace.

The fading existence, of a time, which was so real, so now, so alive, so wonderful, but so long ago.

Looking back on a time, which no longer to hold, to feel, to touch.

Memories, reflections of times gone by, reaching, grasping, fading, receding into the past.

Moments, places, people, who were they?

Were they for me? Or was I for them?

Maybe we were for each other, feeling, living, loving, laughing..

Distant living figures of once a time.

Did I really know them? Did they really know me?

Did they remember as I once remembered? 

Do they remember me, do I remember them?

Would it still be, as it was then?

Would we still know, as we knew?

Would we still be, as we have once been?

Would we still feel, as we once felt?

Can we still do, as we once did?

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