The painter

Night leads into day, day leads into night.

Seasons coming, seasons going.

The sounds and songs of creation continue to flow.

The sounds of summer, lead to the whispers of fall.

The whispers of fall, lead to the silence of winter.

The silence of winter, lead to the shouts of spring!

Yet again, Gods faithfulness is revealed?

The cycles of creation are continuedly flowing.

The hand of the master painter is once again revealed, by the canvas of our time?

This picture is only revealed through our brokenness.

It shines through the cracks of our being.

It flows through the channels of our sorrows.

It loves through the fragrance of our pain.

It is found in the valley of weeping.

In a broken life is where you are Lord?

Let the painter paint his masterpiece, through the reflections of life?

It is only his to give.

It is not from us to have.

Its the gift for humanity.

To be shared with.

To be loved with.

To be laughed with.

To be healed with?

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