The new covenant

I see the cross event not like many Christians. Many believers believe the cross means that we suffer to be changed into the likeness of Christ, but that isn’t really what Paul is saying. Paul thinks of the cross as the event, when once truly seen by revelation, transfers one from living in the life of Adam, to living in the life of Christ.

When we truly see what the cross means, it is the door that Christ opened for us to enter into. A completely new and different dimension of reality. Either we are in Christ or we are in Adam.

We through the cross move into a different kind of an reality of being of existence.

If things aren’t happening in our lives, which were also similar to Jesus and Paul, then you have to ask yourself, maybe I am still living by the life of Adam.

Adam was done away with at the cross. Also Adams God was judged at the cross.

The new creation was birthed at the cross? We don’t yet see this, but it is hidden under the surface of this life, ready to be revealed at the end of this present age.

That’s the gospel that a Jew would believe.

We have made Christianity about going to heaven or hell, but Christianity is about the new creation of God, where heaven and earth are reunited in Christ, through the cross

The new creation is here now. It might be hidden to us in this passing age.

The new creation Its not coming at the end of this age, it already came at the cross.

Christ is ruling and reining over this world now. It is revealed to us through revelation. Christ is Lord and King now!

Christ is winding down this old age of the fall.

Christ has already defeated sin death and all the powers, which separated us from his great love. They are subject to his sovereignty.

Revelation gives us access to enjoy the new creation, which is present and very active is now?

When we leave the ground of trying to please God from ourselves, to the ground of accepting the fact that we will never be able to please God, then we have come into the new creation of all things in Christ?

The only thing that pleases God now, is our faith in the work of Christ.

This the Devil hates, it takes the ground away from him, to Christ.

I think this is one of the hardest things to grasp as a believer.

We cannot please God as long as we are living on the ground of Adam, we never could, we never will.

As long as we think that there must be something in me that I can present to God, then we never truly enter the place of freedom.

I think it has to be a revelation to see the total depravity of the humanity of Adam.

God starts on new ground at the Cross.

I believe most Christians have not seen these things. Most believers still live in the old covenant by the life of Adam, trying to please the Lord by their good works.

Jesus Christ, through the cross, has fully and finally satisfied God.

One thought on “The new covenant

  1. Maybe 2 Amens for that one ! Adam will Never never please GOD ! Freedom can Only be found IN Christ ! Like a Brother said you CAN’T DO Much !
    Love yo Bro !


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