Spiritual Warfare

We are living in a times of extreme spiritual hostility against believing in the one and only living God.

These hostile world powers, which dwell in the heavenlies, which brood over the cosmos, they do extreme things to keep us from a true and living walk in Christ.

The closer one comes into these truths, the more these assaults against us are manifested, in our position of in Christ Jesus .

These powers are so cunning, it feels like the things they throw against us, are really coming from inside our own hearts.

One wonders in these moments of attack, where in the heck does this stuff come from? It seems to fool us in believing that this evil is coming from our own hearts.

This is how deceptive these cosmic powers really are.

The work of these powers in these moments, is always to try to get us to break our living fellowship in Christ.

It’s like at the cross, these powers are so deceptive, they make the experiences they throw against us, feel like it’s coming from ones own wicked heart, which is very hard to see and deal with.

I’ve been through these events so many times before, but the powers are so deceptive at it, they almost fool me every time.

These spirits are so cunning when they come at us, it’s like they wrap their darkness around our souls, making us feel like we own these things they inflict on us.

When one accepts these experiences as our reality, that’s when one loses the fight, and then falls into the darkness of the attack?

We as believers need to learn how to fight and wrestle in the spirit.

It’s a real battle at times to walk in the risen life, which Christ has given us through the event of the cross of Calvary.

The Lord told Israel when they entered the land of Canaan, that they had to drive out the nations, which were still a present reality in the land?

This battle only manifests when one truly comes onto the ground of the new heavenly man, who is the risen glorified Christ.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare

  1. Amen we have to come to a place In Christ where we look at our hearts and say Behold a Israeli without GUILE that’s the Real Christ In You !


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