Who are you?

The Church in this present eon, is the militant body of creation, birthed by the acceded glorified Lord of glory, sent by the spirit into the dominion of the world powers, who are now proclaiming the victory of Calvary, which is, Jesus Christ is Lord and King of all!

This is the proclamation of the Church militant, to proclaim to the hostile world forces of this eon, who stand against the rule and authority of Jesus Christ, the manifold wisdom of God.

The church is enlisted into this conflict, which has been raging from the day of the victory of the Son of God over all the hostile forces of creation, who by the weapon of the militant grace of Calvary, defeated all the world powers of this present eon of creation history.

The real battle of the Church, once entered into, is in this arena called the heavenlies in Christ Jesus, against all the world comic rulers, who govern this world, and present age.

The coming of God in Christ at the cross, was the initial invasion, of all the fallen orders of the cosmos in creation, which this present world is cradled in.

This is the cosmic arena, which the Church wrestles in.

Through our living union with the resurrected, glorified Christ, we are enlisted into this ageless heavenly conflict.

As his advent into this world was, so also now through baptism into his life, we through him are.

This was the world of Paul and the others, who came before us, and now it is our world?

Ones prophetic authority in this conflict, is equivalent to ones personnel victory, over the principalities and powers in their own lives, who at this present moment still continue as the rulers of this eon.

How can one wield any true influence of authority over the principalities powers of the air, if these same powers are not yet defeated in ones own personnel life experience?

Jesus we know, and Paul we know, but who are you?

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