Eternal life

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life, and the life was the light of men.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1-5

The Christian life is a life of transition from one kind of life to another kind of life.

God gives us a life that is not of this world. It is a life that does not belong to this realm, it is a divine eternal life.

This new life will not coexist with our old life, it separates away the old life from us.

This eternal life, which is Gods gift to his elect, does not subject itself to us. It is governed by his divine sovereignty. We cannot control this life, we can not govern it, it governs us. We cannot use it, it never is ours to use, it is his gift to us.

This new life has a different kind of language, different rules, it operates in a different dimension.

This life reveals mysteries, which are hidden to the human life.

This life opens the porthole to the heavenly realms, which govern this world.

God speaks prophetically to the world through the vessels who have this life.

This eternal life that is given to us, is the very life of the eternal God, to come to this life is to come to the God of this life.

This life is the only life that God is pleased with.

The further one progresses in the faith and the more developed this life becomes in you, you start seeing things that the human life just cannot comprehend.

This life leads, as soon as we try to control this life, it recoils from us, or it assaults our human direction, It simply will not be used, nor manipulated by us.

This life is a stranger in this world.

It does not belong to its systems and structures.

This life is not wanted in this fallen world.

It draws out the evil of this world against it.

The fuller this life becomes your life, the greater the assaults become against it.

This life draws out the Gods of this present age. It becomes a very real agitation for them, when we truly begin to live by this life.

This life is invincible, indestructible, nothing can stand against it.

To come to this life is to come to the conflict of the eternal ages.

This life exposes the prince of the powers of the air.

It reveals his secrets, shows his lies, and exposes his servants. The deeper this life becomes your life, the clearer you begin to see.

Death is the condition of this present world, which is outside of the realm of the life of God.

God lives in this life, its the sphere of Gods self existence. Death is also a sphere of existence, which is outside of Gods life, but also very real.

Death in biblical terms, does not mean what the world thinks it means. Biblical death is a state, a condition of self existence.

Going from death to life is as easy as hearing the spoken word of the Lord.

God speaks his word of life into the darkness, which then separates us from the sphere and prison of death.

When we fall into the death, through sin or rebellion or deception, God rescues us out of the power of death by the event of his spoken living word.

When the Lord speaks his word of life into our lives, it then separates us out of death.

Bondage is the fruit of death, freedom is the fruit of life. Two different dimensions of reality, which coexist at the same time, in this world.

Blindness is also the fruit of living by death, but sight comes by living by eternal life.

God speaks out of the light and into the darkness, it is Gods way of rescuing us from out of the power of death.

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