The providence of God in election

The highlight of Calvin’s teachings are on eternal election, and the secret providence of god.

What Calvin does better than any other, is he reveals the solid foundation, which we have under our faith.

Calvin portrays an eternal God who is ruling his creation, an electing God that cannot fail his people, a God that is governed by his eternal decrees.

God does not change his mind once he chooses.

Even though these vessels of his mercy fail him often.

God does not change his mind, which he has made through his eternal decrees, which were proclaimed ages before he created all things through Christ.

If salvation was subjected to what we are in ourselves, then God would be a very lonely Creator.

God does overrule our shortcomings, he does change our wills.

He hardens some, but softens others.

God calls some to common use, and others to special privilege.

These things are very hard to accept, but over time and much history, it takes away all the fear of failure. Knowing that through all our sinning and rebellions, Gods eternal decrees will still bring us through to his full and final end.

Yes we often fail, we frustrate the spirit of God often, but Gods love does not change toward us. God is a covenant making Creator with his creatures, he is not like us, he is other.

We are fair weather friends, but God is loyal, faithful, unchanging, unmovable.

When God speaks a word into our lives, it is eternal, it is foundational to his plans and purposes.

Gods eternal decrees are the foundation of our faith.

Its not believing in a doctrine called Calvinism, it’s living by a supernatural reality, which is called the finished, completed, perfected work of Jesus Christ.

This and only this is the true foundation of the sacrifice and work on Calvary.

Many Christians do believe in the doctrine of Calvinism, but how many truly live by this perfected life of Christ, who is the sovereign ruler and king over all creation.

To live by the sovereignty of God, is to live and participate in Christ’s complete victory over all things, which formally separated and estranged us from this great love.

God is only and fully satisfied in his son Jesus Christ, who is the only Lord and savior, there is no other name given by which one can be saved.

When we believe that we can satisfy God apart from the work of Christ, then this becomes antichrist? The wrath of God continues to abide on him.

Only Jesus can stand in the presence of God all mighty!

If we are not living by the absolute victory of Christ, then we are disqualified from entering the presence of God.

When one speaks and understands the sovereignty of God, then it’s like a flame thrower, which is released against the work of the enemy!

Jesus Christ crucified, risen, and exalted, at the right hand of power, this is now the confession of the redeemed.

Paul cries out, who can now separate us from this great Love.

Jesus Christ, who is now seated as a priest, on the mercy seat of heaven, for the sake of his elect, hides and covers us from all our defects and short comings, which are very many.

It is now not what I am that can stand before the presence of God, but it is who he is, which only can satisfy the holiness of God.

No matter what comes into ones life now, Jesus, and only Jesus has the final say.

Jesus says to us, I have bought you with a great price, no one will, nor can, ever separate you from the love of God, that is revealed in Christ!

When we truly see the sovereignty of God, which is only revealed in Christ, then this heavy burdensome yoke of always trying be satisfy God, from ourselves is finally broken off our lives, the heavens are opened, we see that we are fully accepted before God, because of our beloved savior, Jesus Christ, who is the perfected humanity.

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