In the valley of death

The resurrection and death of Christ deposited in our humanity, is the beginning of the process of renewal and decay.

It is the beginnings of who we will become, and the end of who we have been.

As we are participants in the resurrection of Christ, so also we become participants in the death of Christ.

Death and resurrection is like breathing. We breath in the life Christ, we exhale the death of Christ.

We inhale the glory of new life, we exhale the death of the old.

As we are participates in the decaying of one kind of life, so also we are participates in the renewal of another kind of life.

One life is being poured out unto death and decay, another life is being renewed day by day.

The death and decay of one life is a very lonely dark journey.

Death is the place of calamity, darkness, confusion, bitterness.

Death is the open grave, a grievous wound.

Death is the hostile executioner of time.

Death is the wolf before the Lamb.

Death is the journey of our ending.

As our outer man is wasting away, yet we are being renewed day by day.

Gods radical event of coming into the creation, through the event of death on the cross, this is the great crossroads of two eons,

One history is wasting away, disappearing into the dark lonely night, but another, altogether new history is being renewed by the light.

Jesus through death descends into the heart of the earth.

Jesus descends into the stronghold of death.

In the realm of death, Jesus reveals the resurrection, in the dominion of the power of death the light shines.

Through death, Christ renews the cosmos, planting the seed of new life, into the realm of the old.

Christ manifests the divine, immortal, eternal life, in the realm of the fallen world of the cosmos.

It is the seed of the resurrection life, which is planted in the very realm and domain of death.

Through the death of Christ, death was swallowed up by eternal life, but also in the same act, the resurrection of Christ, the cosmos is being transformed and renewed.

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?

The bible says that the last enemy that will be destroyed is death.

Death is the state of all things that exists outside of the life of God.

Through the fall of Adam, death has invaded all things, which make up the cosmos.

Everything, which now exists has death as its master.

The things which are invisible, the things which are visible, all answer to their master who was death.

The whole cosmos, which makes up creation, also participate and are under the dominion of this power called death.

When God looks at the cosmos outside of himself, all he sees is separation and death.

The all things, which make up this life, are servants to this power called death.

In the end death is the dominion and the domain of all things outside of the life of God.

Death is an universal force that is relentless, is has no equals outside of God.

The only force that death answers to is the life of God, which is only found in Christ.

We all by nature live in this existence, which we think is life, but really is death.

With the power of death also comes spiritual blindness, which we all have inherited.

The cross of the universal Christ, was the only weapon in this universe, which was able to break this hard task master, which separated humanity from the love of God.

Christ descended into the very depths of the prison house of death, redeems not only mankind, but also the whole cosmos.

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