Our new identity in Christ?

My old identity in Adam is gone, my new identity now, is the identity of the eternal Son?

I am now what he is.

I am what he says about me?

Jesus is our way back home to Abba father!

As our lineage goes back to Adam, now our new lineage in Christ, goes back to the father?

I once lived through Adam, but now I live through the eternal Christ.

Everything Adam had and is, was once mine, now everything Christ has and is, is mine.

Christs eternal memory is now my eternal memory.

My memory of the life I lived through Adam has now been transferred, through the cross, over to Christ.

Everything Adam did I received free.

Everything Christ did I received free.

I once was a passenger to Adams destiny.

I am now a passenger to Christ destiny.

Jesus’s eternal memory becomes my memory, bone of his bone flesh of his flesh?

Jesus brings us back home to the father, where all things have their origin and beginnings?

The history of the eternal Christ now is my history also?

The god and father of the eternal Christ is now my father also.

What a redemption we have through the eternal Christ!

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