Some prophtic reflections

The temple of the lord grows through death and resurrection, each generation is the life giving soil of the new one that is coming, we stand on the shoulders of the giants of the faith, everything which came through them is now our fertile soil, which nourishes us into maturity. They without us will not inherent the promises, we will come into them together, on that great day when this cosmic temple comes into completeness. They are with us cheering us on , until we all attain unto a perfect humanity.

Deep waters to swim in. The last hiding place of the old Adamic nature In us. This cursed old man who always wants to be the one and only. This place is the dark union of the old man, who is in union with the rebel of the universe. I remember an old saint once said, the world is looking for the man of sin to appear, but don’t you know he lives in us?

The older I get the more I am starting to understand how awful Peter must of felt. He must have been destroyed as a man, after his epic failure when he denied Christ. I am that man! but he still chooses to love me?

That’s the way it seems to be, the further I go the less I know. It feels like there is no end to the depths of the brokenness in me. I feel like such a failure at times. The old devil seems to just take the boots to me when I feel this way. I have to keep looking at the promises of God, reminding myself that’s why Christ died, for folks like me, helpless, hopeless, to do anything for myself, which can or could please God. Its all of Grace, nothing from me. All I ever did is bring shame to his name, but he loves me? I cant understand it, just amazing Grace?

We are being reduced to just Christ, everything else is being stripped, painful process it is, but the end is joy unspeakable.

I thought I was something, until the cross unraveled my world. Its a great place to come to, if Christ doesn’t do it, then we are done, we cant live this Christians life without his power. I would rather go back into the world than to pretend to be something I cant be. The Church needs to come to this truth, in me there is nothing of any value to God! its only his life in me that will get me through this crazy life. Sparks says it well, God needs to devastate our old man before he comes into our situation.

I long to be a Paul, but Peter is more my style. I’m a big talker until the test comes, and I fail bitterly. Failure is the fruit of the Christian walk, and brother I have had much of it. For we were so utterly burdened beyond our strength that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead. He delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again.

As we approach the land of promise, which we are rapidly entering into, there will be a new generation of saints born into the kingdom, who will need the spiritual understanding from the older, more mature ones, who have seen the land, and have some experience in the reality of pioneering it. They will be required to impart the things that the Lord has given and done in them to the new generation, who will come in right before the church enters in. There will be quick work done by the spirit. God is about to release the Joshua’s and Caleb’s in this last hour. Take off your sandels from off your feet. We are about to enter Holy Ground.

Only those who truly see these mysterys truly understand the sufferings which come with it. The powers only respond to reality. The powers have no interest in bible knowledge as truth. This message is costly, my friend. It does require and will require. The warfare only intensifies as we approach the time of Jacob’s trouble. These cosmic gangsters will rage at any who dare live in the reality of this mystery. We are about to see things,which will stun and stagger us.

The last hiding place of man takes us back to the life of the fallen life of Adan in us, which is the source of this awful cursed nature in us, which is the furtile soil of the evil one! Thank you Jesus for the cross, which separates us from the man of sin!

God chooses to be the God of the broken, by becoming one of them. Jesus doesn’t deliver us from our brokenness and pain, Jesus joins us in it. Humility and brokeness is the heavenly currency, which operates and exercises the authority of this throne.

The guilt of sin met the grace of God at the cross, guilt said to grace you are worthless, grace said to guilt, nothing will nor can separate you from the love of God.

Guilt is the enemy of Grace, guilt demands something from ourselves, guilt says you must, Grace says you can’t?

The grace of God is revealed in our weakness, in our brokenness, our helplessness, our worthlessness, the end of ourselves is always the beginning of Grace. The end must come before Grace is revealed?

The man is the message, he is the thing in himself, if its not that then its just wood, hay and stubble.

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