Some reflections on the man of sin

Humanity outside of the life of Christ is racing into the fullness of a kind of humanity. This matured fullness at the end of the age manifests into the revealing of a literal man, who represents a type of humanity, who will sit in the temple of God, portraying himself as being God. His arrival awaits a kind of maturing of type of a soul condition in humanity, in which triggers his release. It is the mystery of lawlessness being fulfilled. This man is the fullness of a type of a humanity outside of the humanity of Christ. Who also is a type of humanity. It’s the story of the wheat and the tares. They grow together until a maturing is reached.This mystery grows until a maturing is arived at.

Only a true work of the cross in us reveals this sinister union of evil. What I am seeing is this universal reality of the false foundation of union with the evil one. John says that whole world lives in the power of the evil one. Humanity is cradled in this man. Jesus said that the real father of the Jews was not God but the evil one. Thats a hard statement, the chosen people, who carried the words of God, who were utterly commited to Torah. Does this remind you of the condition of the christian faith today? Religion is the greatest hiding place of man. Religion is idol whorship. Art Katz would say that our spirituality is the last hiding place of man. I know we all talk about a coming man of sin, but he lives in us now. Its the whole world spirit and system of present reality? This is deep waters, we are cradled as a humanity in this false life. Only a revelation of the cross reveals this dark union of humanity and the cosmic world of the fallen creation. The cross event first expossed this dark union, then dealt with it. Its so much bigger than Israel and the man of sin coming to sit as God in a temple, made with hands. Its universal in scope an reality. The whole world lives in the power of the evil one? Humainty is this temple of the false prince. Yes I believe he will be apear in somekind of a figure of history, called the coming one, but he has always been with us? Humanity is racing into a birthing kind of a condition and event, which forces him to be revealed in a literal man. It is so much bigger than Isreal and the Jews. The whole world will follow after this figure. Only those who’s names have been written in the book of life will know the difference.

What awaits the revealing of the man of sin, his comimg, is the full mystery of lawlessness revealed, which triggers his entrance into the world. They loved not the truth, so God’s sends them a strong delusion. The cry of the world today is that we will not have this man rule over us. Okay, then, here is the alternative, you asked for him, then he is all yours.

Could the abomination, which causes desolation, be the return of the sacrificecial offerings, in a restored temple, which is related to the old covanent of death. The death and resurrection of the fullness of man in the place of God, whose wound was healed, coming back to life. The number 666 the man of sin, the union of flesh, soul, and Satan in fullness of depravity, fully expressed in Satan sitting as a man in the form of a high priest, in the place of God? Which triggers the coming wrath of Gods judgment. Satan’s final last days assault on the covenant. What else could trigger such a response of wrath, than trampling under foot the sacrificecial offering of Christ for sin?

I am more and more convinced, that the final outworking of antichrists full revelation will be witnessed with the Jewish people first, then to all nations. This man of lawlessness comes first, before the mystery of godliness is revealed, who is Christ. Jesus said that I came in my father’s name, and you refused to believe. When one comes in his own name, you will receive him. The mystery of godliness was revealed in a Jew, so also then the mystery of lawlessness should be revealed in a Jew? The mystery of lawlessness is the full and final revelation of the fullness of what is man outside of the life of God. It is the full and final display of the fullness of the union that man and Satan formed in the beginning. Jesus railed on the Jews saying you are of your father, the devil.” It’s amazing that this chosen people, who were called into such a destiny came to this. The man of sin is the superman of the soul who will be energized by the incarnate son of perdition. This is the final display of this man in union with Satanic humanity, to be as God without the true life of God. If one has eyes to see, this world is racing into this kind of a man, but also Christianity is also racing into this type of man. Having the form of godliness but lacking the power and character of the eternal life of God. This world’s judgment waits for this character to arive into the theater of the end of this age.

The sin of Adam to be like God in a headship, which theocratically only belongs to God and His Christ. Antichrist is the last step in the development of Satanic influence and power in and through man, and we are assured that this last phase shall be specially pervaded by his energy in order to resist the incoming Messianic Kingdom. Amazing climax! so astonishing is it, that (Rev. 13:3 and 17:8) “all the world wondered after the beast,” excepting only those who are believing and wise. (G H Peters)

The cross is the only insterment to deliver us from this coming beast of humanity, and its a suffering unto death. Its a pouring out of all our good bad, and ugly. It all must come to and final ending. We try to save the so called good in our lives, but the good is the greatest enemy of God? We are okay to let the ugly and profane go, but its what looks like good, that is the last hiding place of this old man of sin.

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