Reflections on Israel and the man of sin

Israel last day’s as the suffering servant nation, through whom will the reenactment of Calvary be. Israel as the representative nation for Christ will also follow in simular prophetic events as Christ. As Christ was betrayed by Judas, so also will the nation be betrayed from one of their own, whom will be the last day’s Son of perdition. This figure will be closely aligned with the nation, maybe even one of very high authority over the people. This coming man will come on the scene of history as a brother and fellow member of the people. But just as judas was revealed by the incoming of Satan into him, so also this last prince of Israel will come. The Jews will not receive anyone as the messiah who isn’t one of their own number. This man, once Satan enters him will turn on the nation, very simular to Judas the betrayer. If the nation is called to walk the road of Calvary, so then it will also mirror simular events, of which christ walked. The members who participated in the death of Christ will join with the false prince in the time called Jacob’s trouble. The religious world who are represented by the high priest, also the world empire, which was represented by representative of the Roman empire in that time. It says that all this Satanic driven world will turn on the Jews in the time of Jacob’s trouble.

Jacobs trouble, is only a replaying, an reanactment of the event of the cross of Calvary, but this time as a nation, through who reprersents Christ to the nations. Its like all the events of the cross are in some way very simular, and very related to what the nation will experience. So simple in the scriptures, but yet so veiled. These cosmic powers have so darkened our minds, to the simple truths of the scriptures, that it takes an event of revelation to see these things, I say to truly see, but It also takes an event of the spirit to be able to speak these things.

This last day’s event, not only plunges Jacob into the revelation of Calvary, but this last day’s suffering is also the trigger, which plunges all the nations into the event with them. Israel’s last day’s sufferings is the full and final revelation of the fullness of what is in man. The mystery of lawlessness comes into fullness through this epic catastrophic revelation, which is the full revelation of the total depravity of the life of the adamic humanity. I believe this event will be the unveiling of all the powers, who are resident in the humanity of the adamic nature of man. This union of man and the prince of the powers of the air will be fully, and finally revealed, first to Israel, then to all nations. It is the final casting down of the powers, who have authority and jurisdiction to Adam’s descendents. The veil will be rent, and humanity will finally see their dark union, which is veiled with these cosmic powers, who brood over this creation. This event is the event of the truth, which was revealed at Calvary. Humanity will finally see the truth of their condition, which will be staggering to the pride of man.

This is the great mystery of the end of the age, this revelation to Israel, then to all nations, is the D day event for humanity. The mystery of lawlessness being fulfilled, is the mystery of godliness being revealed. This universal cosmic event triggers the return of the Lord, the casting down of Satan and the powers, and the great transformation of worldly governmental authority over the nations, through Christ and the church, the fullness of him, who fillith all and in all.

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