The cosmic warlords

This veil, which covers these two worlds of reality, is starting to tear. This otherness world of the heavenly realms is everywhere, in everything, in every place. These cosmic gods, warlords, who brood over creation are crazy to behold. Giants, figures of immenseity, reality and power. We are like tiny grasshoppers in their presence. Arrogant creatures of a different time and different place. Ageless beings of might. How can we stand against these thrones, of such power over this world? Creatures of this dark night of history, a history which will soon fade into the darkness, of an age that’s coming to a sudden ending. Oh, but oh, we have a city, which rules and reins, higher than all, greater than all. Oh Jerusalem city of the most high God, your time is near, your people are crying for your victory!! Your church is crying for your great justice and mercy, come Oh mighty king, come and save your people!

Ancient wondering stars of the darkness, whose ending is the backness, Ancient creatures of the night, whose exile is in sight, in the soon coming, dark, lonely night?

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