Prophetic word

Today I am feeling an overwhelming sense, that a soon coming calamity is fast approaching the nation of Israel.

The sense of an imminent coming catastrophe has been over me now for the past two days.

The urgency that has come over me, has come with an heaviness of heart of what I believe is about to be revealed.

The apostolic life of new creation

The apostolic life of Christ as the event in this world and cosmos, is the life that lives in the dimension of the cosmic reality of the heavenlies, which is the world that is outside of time and space, but also at the same time very much intertwined and overlapping the world of time and history.

When the Lord brings us in to this other dimensional place and reality, it is a truly strange and otherworldly environment, but at the same time a very normal one also.

It is the dimension of the cosmically other of what is reality now. It is the strange environment of the sense of a different kind of seeing. Its were things that are in this world of darkness become visible reality and light?

Its a freeing kind of atmosphere. Its like diving into water that holds one in a different state of existence. One is carried by it, it seems like one is no longer the one directing his steps and movements. Its like one is in a moving flowing river that is taking you on some journey, that you really have no or very little involvement in the direction of.

Our life in this world is a life of our own directions, making decisions and plans, and then following those plans out by our own actions and movements. But the apostolic like of the Christ, things are now directed by a different kind of life force. Its like you are taken and brought into something, which is moving and flowing very effortlessly. Its like your feet are off the ground, and you are just kind of flowing in a direction that seems to know where its going. Like you are a spectator in a drama watching things being played out?

This I believe is a common experience in the life of the cosmic Christ of the new creation. Its a life that seems to be connected to the eternal world of a different kind of an age, but also at the same time very connected to this present age and time. Its like an universal existence in a totally different dimension of reality and being. It seems to move very effortlessly and very calmly. Its a feeling of being in a place were all things in your life and existence are now taken care of. Its like everything is now provided for you.

The atmosphere around you seems to be very pure and light. The heaviness of this life and world, seems to be lifted off you. The weight of living in this world seems to have no place, in this rarefied air of the new dimensional reality, of the otherness of Christs world of new creation. You get the feeling of being very much still of this world, but also at the same time, a feeling of very much out of this world?

This apostolic life of new creation seems to not have the realities that the old life has. It seems like there is a new kind of order of existence and being. Even as one is still living in the dimension of this old world and order of the life of living in the physical body. It feels like all the enemies of the creation past, before the cross, have now been exiled or brought to nought?

In this new world of creation there seems to be only one reality, which is governing, which is of a pure and freeing kind of force, with the feeling of a sense of total acceptance, like one now is in the place, which one was meant to be in?

The birth of the new creation

From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land. 46 About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli,[c] lema sabachthani?” (which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”).[d]

47 When some of those standing there heard this, they said, “He’s calling Elijah.”

48 Immediately one of them ran and got a sponge. He filled it with wine vinegar, put it on a staff, and offered it to Jesus to drink. 49 The rest said, “Now leave him alone. Let’s see if Elijah comes to save him.”

50 And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.

51 At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split 52 and the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 53 They came out of the tombs after Jesus’ resurrection and[e] went into the holy city and appeared to many people. Mathew 27

This was the event in history, which was the birth of the new creation. Through the death and resurrection of the crucified God, a new beginning was inaugurated in the history of this world, but also the cosmos. Something was birthed at the cross that never was a reality before. A whole new goings of God came into existence.

The creator God who through the event of the Son, brought to nothingness one entire order of creation that was, and through the event of the resurrection of himself birthed an reality, which was not before?

This new creation that was the fruit of Calvary, was God putting an end to an entire system of being and order.

The crucified one took upon himself in death, the entire order of a former creation in, which he was the originator of. God in Christ also partook of the death of the old order of creation. It is finished was the last word of the old order, behold all things are now new after the cross.

The cross was the pivot point of the history of the old creation, everything behind the cross was ended at the cross, everything after the cross is of an new order of existence.

Everything before the cross has a big no over it, everything after the cross has a big yes after it?

This new creation is not a restoration of the old order, it is the end of the old, the end of all that the old represents. God not only puts and an end to the old, God also becomes a participant in the end of the old? God in Christ takes the whole order of the old creation in himself into death? This is a mystery beyond mystery! God in Christ not only puts the old order of the first creation to death, but he also as the creator of the former creation, goes into death with it? How can any mortal man explain this event of all events!

Something epic takes place in the death of God. All the former things which he created are now no more? God out of nothing begins the new world of the new heavens and the new earth. Its not a renewed heavens and renewed earth, its a completely new world that is now a reality in the eternal realm, which is outside of this old order in, which we still live and move in.

This new heavens and new earth is only now seen in the death and resurrection of God in Christ. To see this new creation, one needs to be a living participant in the death and resurrection of God in Christ.

This new world in something that has never been before. It is a new reality of a God who does not decide to fix something old, God ends the old in Christ and starts all over again.

The bible says that Adam was a type of Christ. Adan was the representative man of a new world of creation. So also now Christ as the last Adam is also the representative man of a new creation.

Adam did not only fail God, and God had to come and clean up the mess of Adam, no God came not to clean up the creation of the old order, God came in Christ and did away with the old order of Adam.

In this new heavens and new earth, the first man Adam is no more. Adam is no longer included in the new creation?

The end of the old creation

I am once again coming into an adjustment of my theology, on what truly the new creation of the eternal kingdom represents.

I believed on a restoration of the creation in regards to what God had created in the beginning.

Yesterday on my bike ride was one of those events, which again caused me to once again reevaluate my understanding on what is truth.

I have believed on a restoration of all things, bringing back all things to what was at the beginning, when the Lord created Adam and Eve, and the order of reality in, which they lived before the fall. But once again, as many times in my history in the faith. I have again been confronted with maybe what I now believe isn’t really the reality of the truth of revelation. Maybe what I now think I know really isn’t the full reality of what Christ accomplished at Calvary?

Yesterday was once again a devastation to my apprehension of what I truly believe. It was a veil lifting moment in time, when I began to see something different to what I believed as truth. Something which once again caused me to examine what I have believed. Once again my ducks that I put in a row, were once again scrambled?

What I believe the Lord is revealing to me now, is not a restoration of something of a past order of creation, Like bringing back all things to a past ordering of a creation and cosmos that was, but now restored back to Christ.

I am beginning to see that the cross was not the restoration of something old, which was good before the fall of Adam. What I am beginning to see is a completely new beginning. A true death of one order of reality that once was. Like the world of the flood. After the flood the ancient world before the flood was no more, gone for ever?

This new creation that the bible speaks on, I am starting to believe is something completely other and different. It is something out of nothing, a completely new reality of the creating act of God in Christ. Not a restoration which so many believe in, but a completely new dimension of reality that is foreign to what we have believed?

Again the blindness of, I once was blind but now I see, is taking shape.

I am again having to move away from what I believe the Lord has given in the past, to now something of a new reality of truth revealed now?

To be continued…..

The incarnation of the eternal Son

What a mystery, the incarnation of Christ, God who became man.

The event of Christ in you, God who through the event of the eternal Son now dwells in us.

God who has chosen to be with us for ever, in the event of the Son, who became a human, who became us?

God in the event of Son, walked out the life that was meant for his creatures before the beginning of creation.

The life that has no limits, has no fear, has no ending, has no equal.

The life of the eternal Son, who now through the event of the eternal spirit, is taking up his residence in our humanity. Living out his eternal life in the humanity of his creatures, who he has chosen to love forever.

What a privilege, the greatest love story ever told, the most faithful and true loving Creator, now taking his eternal residence in the creatures, who he has chosen to live in, and to love, and live with, a world without end.

The perfect humanity of the Son, incarnating his eternal substance of perfection into the creatures of a fallen time, and a fallen world.

What a mystery of privilege, oh amazing grace how can this be that the eternal King of Glory would die for me, and live in me.

Christ in you is the hope of our glory. God in Christ living out his eternal life in us, and through us, and with us. God in Christ enjoying the fellowship of his creatures through Sonship.

Blessed assurance is the cry of the redeemed, if God be for us who can be against us.

God who gave to humanity the most cherished part of himself in the event of Son? What a mystery, oh what a mystery.

Apostolic sending

God is a sending God who sends his servants into the theater of the arena of this age.

Apostolic sending is the seal of authority given by the glorified Christ, who is the ruler of all things.

To be truly sent by Christ, with the authority of the King, comes the power to do the works of God, which is cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead.

The bible says that these signs will follow them who are sent by God.

This kind of a sending is not by any human agency. It is the sending of a supernatural God, who releases his authority through the one sent.

Apostolic sending is as if God was sending himself in the chosen vessel, of the servant who he sends

There is nothing special nor outstanding with the ones God chooses to send, if anything they are usually people who are the least qualified to be his representatives.

Apostolic sending comes with the authority to speak truth to the powers of this age.

The only words that the powers of this age are subject to, is the voice of the glorified King, who now speaks through his earthly servants who are sent.

To truly do the works of God, one needs the sending of God. God anoints who he appoints.

Many are called, but very few truly enter into this kind of a authority.

The apostolic person who is sent, is also given the resources of heaven to fulfill the call of the sent one.

The reason we see so little reality of the power of heaven released in the dimension of this world, is that so few are truly sent.

Apostolic sending comes with the rarefied atmosphere of heavens glory. The sent one lives and moves in the presence of the eternal age, of the glory of the new creation, which rules over the old?

Speaking light into the darkness

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.[a] The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.

Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. Then he separated the light from the darkness.  Genesis 1

 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live. John 5-25

God through Christ speaks into the darkness of this world, those who hear the voice of the speaking of God through Christ, are brought into the light.

When one hears the spoken word of the Lord, then life comes into the darkness, the darkness has no choice but to leave.

In the beginning God spoke the heavens and the earth into existence, through his spoken word, who is the Christ before creation.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life,[a] and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1

to open eyes that are blind,
    to free captives from prison
    and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. Isaiah 42

The act of the event of the spoken word of the Lord, is the event which separates us from the darkness, which is in this world.

Darkness is realm of the prison house of the God of this present age. Darkness is the event of sin, which operates in the realm of death.

Biblical death does not mean what we think it means, biblical death means a state of being, existence.

Death is a realm, a rein, a prison house caused by the power of sin.

Death is the condition of this present world, which is outside of the realm of the life of God.

God lives in the light, its the sphere of Gods self existence. Darkness is also a sphere of existence, which is outside of God, but also very real.

Death in biblical language does not mean what the world thinks it means. Biblical death is a state, a condition of existence, a real place and sphere, environment.

Going from death to life, is as easy as hearing the spoken word of the Lord.

God speaks his word of light into the darkness of our prison, which then separates us from the sphere and prison of darkness.

When we fall into the darkness through sin or rebellion, God rescues us out of the darkness by the event of his speaking word.

When the Lord speaks his word, it then separates us out of the prison of darkness, and back into the light and life of his freedom.

Bondage comes with the darkness, freedom comes with the light. Two dimensions of reality, which are present in this world.

Blindness comes with the darkness, but sight comes with the light.

God speaks out of the light and into the darkness, it is Gods way of rescuing us from out of the darkness.

Living in the great lie

The book of the revelation is the curtain to the supernatural world drawn back to see the drama, which is unfolding in the heavenlies.

This unveiling only comes by God opening up to us the revelation of the world that is outside of time and space. It is a drama of an ageless cosmic calamity taking place right up to present time.

There is so little that is truly written or understood on this book, which the Apostle John wrote on the Isle of Patmos. It is a hidden reality of the unseen realm of the cosmos, where this timeless unfolding and unveiling is being played out, in the presence of time.

We by nature are as blind as a bat to this world of reality. Even once one has come into the new man who is the Christ, there is still a deep veil over us to this world of reality. But every once in a wile the Lord draws back the curtain for us, and when this happens one is stunned at what one sees.

I believe the Lord through his mercy doesn’t reveal to much of this reality to us, because I don’t believe we have the capacity to endure the seeing of it.

The little that the Lord has opened up to me, has been devastating. I believe when the Lord through revelation opens this world to us, we can never again be the same, because it is the place of true seeing as true reality is.

What we see and live in this world is governed by a lie of darkness. It is living in a lie, which has been the lot of this world for timeless ages past, when the representative man for humanity called Adan, allowed the lie of the serpent to enter into this world.

Adam opened a door and let something in to our world, which has completely altered the reality of a once good creation and God, who through love created all things.

This whole system and world we live and move in has been flawed at its foundation. The superstructure of this world was founded on the lie. The great lie was you shall be as God?

What the lie of the serpent really meant was, if you believe what I tell you, you will be my salve. This is what Adan should of heard?

With the lie that Adam believed, also came in the powers of sin and death, who’s father is the devil.

This is what is the truth of what this world lives in is, It is built on these superstructures.

Now humanity lives in the world of sin and death, sin now is the master and death is the life they live by?

Jesus came into this world to reveal the truth of its condition. Jesus said that he was the truth. Jesus was sent by the Father to restore to this world the truth, The truth of its real condition, but also the truth of his condition, who is truly the truth.

Present day fairy tales of Christianity

We are living in the midst of a new revolution on what really the work of Christ means in regards to the faith.

We have so misinterpreted the event of the death and resurrection of the Christ of Israels God.

The Church has through its long history come from the Messianic hope of a renewed creation, where the Messiah of Israel would come and destroy sin death and the work of Satan, to now going to heaven or hell when one dies.

We have so succumbed to these deadly doctrines of the faith, that we somehow now think its the gospel truth to believe in these fairly tales.

Christ did not come to send people to heaven nor hell when they die. Christ came to defeat the work of sin death, and the devil.

Christ came to rescue his creation from the work of the powers of this present evil age.

Christ came to renew the once good creation of a good God.

Christ came to fulfill the Prophets proclamations in the OT.

Preset day Christianity has moved so far away from the hope of what the Jews truly believed, that for a Jew to look at the message of present day Christianity is to look at idolatry.

Through the advent of the Messiah of Israel, the promises of a renewed creation have now arrived.

The work of the Messiah of Israels God has now accomplished all that the prophets spoke.

God is not going to destroy this creation and create a new one, which is so widely preached today in Christianity. God is in the midst of a renewal of this creation, which he has chosen to love.

Its not about heaven nor hell, its about the resurrection of the creation. Its about making all things new. Its about a restored earth where heaven and earth come into oneness again. Where God again dwells in the midst of his good creation, with a redeemed rescued people, who have been freed from the work of sin death and the devil.

The message is God came in Christ to rescue us from all that separated us from his great love.

The shedding of the outer reality of old creation

The older one gets in the faith, the more and more one realizes, that one is now a creature of two worlds. The world that in the now and visible, and the world that is of an eternal dimension, which is not now and visible, but yet very present.

There is this ever growing sense of an eternity, which is in the very midst of our present reality and history. The ever growing reality of a fading time and world, of the now, and an ever growing sense of an eternal otherworldly world and dimension of a reality, which is coming closer and closer to us, or us to it?

There is this sense of an imminent time, of a fading world of some realm, which is closing, fading, disappearing into nothingness. But also of a new realm and reality of something, which is coming, closing closer into our world, some kind of a new otherworldly dimension of a time and space, which seems to be outside of this time and space of our present reality?

There is this sense in my spirit, that we live and move in an order of reality, which is something like an old set of clothing one wears, which is about to be shed, put of, and something totally new and other, underneath our present covering, which we live and move in, is ready to be revealed?

I am getting the sense of not a coming cosmic outer reality invading this world and realm, but I am getting a sense of an inner reality, being birthed through the outer reality, of this preset covering we and this world are cradled in. Its like a shedding of a covering that hides a new dimension of reality, which is under the surface of what we see hear, smell and taste.

I know most believers are waiting for some cosmic climactic event, coming into this world from the outside in, but I believe the event of the advent of the kingdom of the heavens, is coming from the inside, in cosmic power into the outer reality of this world and cosmos.

I am starting to see in ever greater clarity, a hidden, but yet very present dimension, of some kind of a vast and powerfully present reality, which is just under the surface of this covering of the visible reality, of what we presently see and feel and know? Its as if something is being swallowed up by something vastly greater in dimension and scope?

The ground of the powers

I am begining to have a change on some fundamentals of the faith.

I have lived more or less in the camp of the doctrine called the total depravity, but I am starting to see more and more that this really is not the full truth of the condition of man.

I am leaning more and more into the reality that the doctrine of the total depravity of our old nature, is in some ways flawed. I am beginning to believe it is a deception from the powers that be.

Humanity is a very flawed creature, but I believe it is because humanity is a deceived creature. The reason that there is hostility in us when it comes to Christ, is because we are by nature indwelt by demonic beings who make their homes in our natures. When Christ walked in this earth, it exposed the world of the powers, who call the humanity of Adam their homes.

These demonic entities inhabit the arena of our old natures. We are so used to this existence that we don’t know anything different. But when Christ through the spirit comes near to us, it releases a very hostile reaction toward Christ.

I do know from much experience, that when I allow something of a demonic nature into my being, sometimes willfully through sin, and other times unwillfully through deception, there always is a hostile reaction, when Christ reveals through the spirit the foreign entity. I find something in my depths rise up in hostility against the Lord. Its very easy to blame this on ones own heart condition, but the truth of it is, that the reason this hostility rises up, is that the power of the invading reality that has come into ones being, violently lashes out at the Lord, who now is coming in to drive out this foreign entity, who now does not have any desire to leave the place of his invasion.

I truly believe that its a very deceptive reality of the work of the powers, who are always longing to come into our being. Once they are in, its very difficult to recognize their presence. A veil seems to cover our discernment when we are infiltrated by the demonic presence and reality.

I am beginning to believe that its not so much that humanity does not want Christ in this world, I believe its the powers who live in the midst of humanity that are the real resistance to Christ. The powers are so intertwined with this world, and the humanity of this world, that we think its our true condition of normality.