The end of our journey in time

The end of the journey of redemptive creation is unspeakable joy full of glory.

The journey with the new Adam through salvation history, ends in glory for the ages upon the ages to come.

The Lord in his death and resurrection now lives in the eternal age that has come, but also will come.

In the new world of the fullness of redemption, God waits for his people who are alive in the present history and time.

God not only waits for his people who still live in this passing age, God through death and resurrection comes back into the passing age to be with us, and to bring the new age of the eternal now into our passing age, which we dwell in.

We as members of his new humanity already share in the glory of the age that has come. We are now partaking with all the saints, of all the ages, in the glory of new creation. The only thing which separates us from them is our shedding of this old body of this flesh. When it is time to lay down this old tabernacle, then we will awake in the age that we were born into, through our high priest and King.

As the end of the old order of creation is fading away, the covering veil, which separates us from Christ, and all who have gone into glory, gets thinner and thinner. There is very little day light between us who are still on this side of glory, and those who are with Christ in the glory of new creation.

The story of redemption is already over. All things have become new, the new creation has been delivered for his creatures through our great God and his Christ. History is just running out the clock, the lamb of God who sits on the throne of his new creation has delivered everything, which he has promised through the prophets.

Blessed assurance is the cry from the redeemed of the Lord. When our journey in time is over, we know we will awake in his eternal presence. Because really we are already there now?

Who can separate us from his great love? There is nothing left that was not defeated at Calvary. The pathway of the redeemed is a highway, which leads us into the promised land. The road to glory is cleared for the redeemed of the Lord.

Christ through his defeat of the power of sin and death, has secured us with him for ever and ever, world without end.

Christ is at the end of the journey of reconciliation of the creation. Creation has been redeemed by the redeemer.

We are longing for the eternal day ahead, when we will truly know as we have been known.

Prophetic word July 8/2020

I believe that the world of the kingdom of heaven is in the midst of upheavals and convulsions. its like an lavific release of power is reverberating in pangs of child birth waiting to be released into the world and cosmos. The sense today of an epic anointing is longing to be released . Feeling the spirit of Christ is about to come into our present history in apocalyptic event and power.

Lord here am I send me to procliam your love and mercy to this broken world.

Let us press on

God is a self revelation the reality of who he is and what he has accomplished in the work of reconciliation.

The hard truth of being a believer, is that God is moving on, he is moving on into the fullness of the reality of what he accomplished at Calvary.

History is the self revelation of the reality of the eternal God revealed in the canvas of the present time.

God does not rest, he continues to move onto into places and realities, which stagger our categories of who he truly is.

Gods ways are so past finding out. Once we think we have arrived at a place were now we think we truly know him, then it seems he hides his face from us.

What we have come to know in the past, even if it was a true reality of his presence and power revealed in the midst of our gatherings and walk, will not get us through to the end of what he is now doing in Christ Jesus.

God does not camp out at any place in history, he reveals himself in history, but he does not dwell in history.

History is full of places and shrines of a once present self revelation of his event of presence in the midst of his people.

No matter how great of a move of his glory in history, it does not last in history, God continues to move on, either we move with him, or we build a tabernacle to a once living reality of a eternal God.

It is always a time of calamity to know that what once was a living well, has now become empty.

God is moving on, if we want to continue to find new wells of truth and revelation, then we need to learn to move with him, even though the journey is a hazardous and strange pathway.

God does not let us live on revelation of what once was truly given for our sustenance, God calls us on into the unknown path. What once was truly given by him must now be let go?

To truly walk with the Lord, one must come into a child like faith, trusting in a God who does not avoid us being offended by the ways in which he leads us.

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect; but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. 13 Brethren, I do not consider that I have made it my own; but one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 15 Let those of us who are mature be thus minded; and if in anything you are otherwise minded, God will reveal that also to you.  Philippians 3

Paul near the end of his journey continued to be in a state of pressing on, leaving what once was and leaning into what is ahead.

The hard part of the journey is that the new wells one finds might not be similar to the old wells once one partook of?

In my experience God does not bring us back into wells once drank from, even though they were very refreshing, the new wells sometimes have a very different kind of a taste?

The new Adam

 Either way, Christ’s love controls us. Since we believe that Christ died for all, we also believe that we have all died to our old life. 15 He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them. 16 So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! 17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 18 And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. 19 For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation. 20 So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!” 21 For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ. 2 Corinthians

Paul’s message to the world is that Christ has died for everyone, no one is now outside of the work of Christ through the cross.

Paul was sent to the nations to preach the message of reconciliation of the world and cosmos, back to the originator and creator of all things.

Through Calvary the Godhead of the eternal Son came to rescue the world of the fall. God in the event of Son came into this world, which was created by him, and now through his death and resurrection has brought to birth the new creation of which everyone now is involved with.

Even in the unbelief of present Israel an the nations, all now live in the reality of the new creation, of which was the fruit of the cross.

The new creation of Christ has now invaded this world and cosmos. The reconciliation of the world is already completed in the event of Calvary. The old world is now passing away.

What we are witnessing today is the final last fleeting gasps of the old order of what was.

The death of the old order of creation is finished, all things are new now. Christ as high priest of the new creation has brought us with him through the veil into the very presence of God.

Creation now partakes with the event of the Son, who is at the right hand of the majesty of the Godhead.

We as the new world of creation are living in the second Adam, who is Christ. It is the mystery of the gospel of the radical work of the eternal Son.

The new Adam has replaced the old Adam. I don’t think we have yet grasped the magnitude of what took place at Calvary. Calvary was the place of the end of one Adam and the begging of another. If we all were partakers of the old life of Adam before Christ, then would it not also make sense that we are now all partakers of the new Adam who is Christ?

The cross and the new creation

I don’t think that we as christian’s have yet really grasped the magnitude of what Christ accomplished through the cross.

We are waiting for a time of the end of this age and the coming of the eternal kingdom of Christ.

But the bible really teaches that the end of the story has already arrived? The event of the cross, which transpired two thousand years ago was the end of this age, but also the new beginning of another age, an age in the midst of this present time and age.

The end of the story of a renewed creation has already been written, Christ is now seated at the right hand of the eternal majesty, ruling and reining over his new creation.

Christ is not waiting to be King, Christ is King now, the old eon is in the past, behold all thing are now new. This is the truth of what Christ has accomplished through the eternal cross.

We as believers are taught that the Christ will not return until there is an apocalyptic time in this earth, where curtain events need to transpire, then he comes in the clouds of glory.

But as one truly is open to the prophetic scriptures, then one has to believe that all these events have already transpired? We get into great confusion when we start to believe that so and so has to take place before Jesus is released from the heavens.

It is finished were the words of Christ at Calvary, the new creation has arrived, we are not waiting for Christ to take his place in creation as King and Lord, Christ accomplished this at Calvary. Calvary was the book of revelation fulfilled. The cross was the event of the end of this age, but also the beginning of the new creation.

The book of the revelation is the reality of what is already the truth, of what Christ has accomplished at the cross. It is the unfolding mystery of the cosmic war which was revealed in the history of this present time? The journey is now over, the story of the redemption of creation is now complete.

Paul was witness to these great mysteries, Paul saw the victory of Calvary. To Paul it was an event of the past. Paul was sent to the nations to tell the world of this good news of the gospel of Christ.

The story of time is just the revealing of this great mystery. Time does not wait for these events to transpire, time is just the place where these events of Calvary are now being revealed. The end of the journey is here, we are living in the new age, we are experiencing all the good things of the world to come, but already has come.

These are truths that are a fact, there is no other truth than this, Christ has already defeated all of the enemies of the good creation, of a good God.

Everything is now in the past, new things are already here. We are already living in the new blessed age that has come?

These are the truths of the biblical witness, its what we have in Christ, the new creation has now arrived in the midst of us. We as believers should be able to see these things, the veil has been lifted, the glory of the eternal God has filled the entire earth.

The decent into death

The realm of death is the realm of the hostile rulers of this present age. The weapons that are wielded against us are spiritual in nature. The assaults are directed against our new man in Christ. The servants used by the powers of death are the subjects of death, who live in the dominion of death . Death is the spiritual fruit of the fallen rulers of this age. The rulers through their prisoners of death, assault us with death. Death is the poison of the darkness of this present cosmos.

Once one truly is baptized through the cross, into the dimension of the kingdom of heaven, which is the rule and authority of Christ. Then one is brought into this ageless cosmic realm of these two hostile kingdoms, which are in direct opposition toward one another. Once we leave the world of the adamic life, a world that lives in the bondage to the prince of this world and gods of this age. Then the reality of coming into some cosmic, but now a very personnel drama begins. It is a hostile world that one is baptized into. Its aggression, which is released against ones position in Christ, is assaulted in ways which stagger ones world. These rulers and authorities wield weapons that seem to know all our weaknesses. They see the things that really seem to stagger us. Their attacks against us are extremely intense, piercing us in places that we never thought nor imagined. The cunning evil which these powers use against our new humanity is breathtaking at times.

This is the message of the cross, It is called by T Austin Sparks, the controversy of Zion. The Lord has a people who now live in a kingdom, which is a very real agitation to the rulers of this age. The rulers seem to be relentless in their aggression towards them. One needs not look for these events to happen, they happen as soon as one is born into the new world of the Christ of God.

The rulers of this present age have very little interest in any who are not associated to this Lord of glory, But once one becomes a true and living member of the body of the ascended glorified Lord, we are then brought into this cosmic universal timeless drama of the creation.

The assaults seem to be in many ways, targeted toward our complete and utter devotion to Christ. How much can you endure before you begin to wonder, is this is really worth the suffering, which is so extremely at times, bewildering in nature. The assaults are from the dimensions of the spiritual world, which is so active and alive in this otherworldly place called cosmos. One gets the feeling that he is as a grasshopper in the midst of giants. These cosmic hostile world rulers are so beyond us in any scope and scale. We at times feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the aggression, which is against us. There are times in ones life when one wonders if one will survive the weight of the calamity, which comes.

The cross for Christ was the window to this ancient otherworldly drama, which was played out at Calvary. It was so much more real for Christ than anyone human could ever imagine. Jesus bore the full weight and calamity of this hostility and violence for the redemption of this world. Calvary was beyond any imagination possible on what Christ endured at the cross. The full weight of the universal power of death was brought upon the Son of God. The assault of Calvary was staggering in scope and nature. It was the whole cosmic world of sin and death releasing its poison onto the Lamb of God, who bore such hostility in the face of this cosmic terror.

This is the message of the cross. It is what it is. It is the way to the truth. It is the way to the life. It is the way to the glory. It is the way that Jesus went. It is the way Paul went. It is the way we must also go.

The journey into death

We are living in the midst of two eons. One eon is wasting away with the death of the old creation. Another eon is being renewed in the life of a new creation.

The resurrection life and death of Christ deposited in our old life, is the beginning of the process of renewal and decay. It is the beginnings of who we will become in the age that has come.

As we are participants in the resurrection of Christ, so also we become participants in the death of Christ.

Death and resurrection is like breathing. We breath in the life Christ, we exhale the death of Christ. We inhale the glory of new creation, we exhale the death of old creation.

As we are participates in the decaying of one kind of life, so we also are participates in the renewal of another kind of life.

One life is being poured out unto death and decay, another life is being renewed day by day.

The death and decay of one life is a lonely journey in life.

It is the place of calamity and confusion, of being poured out in the presence of its enemies.

Death is the open grave, of a grievous wound.

Death is the hostile executioner in time.

Death is as a lamb before the wolf.

Death is the journey of the end.

The end of death is death.

The end of death, is the death of death?

The death of death, is the living of life?

The living of life, is Christ?

The death and resurrection of the old creation

As our outer man is wasting away, yet we are being renewed in our inner man, day by day, from glory to glory.

Gods radical event of coming into the creation, through death on the cross, is the crossroads of two histories. One history is wasting away, and another history is being renewed day by day.

Jesus through death descends into the heart of the earth, to the stronghold of death, and there in the realm of death releases his resurrection life into the fallen world of creation.

In death Christ renews the creation by planting the seed of the new creation life into the realm of the old. Christ releases his divine immortal eternal life into the depths of this fallen world and cosmos.

It is the seed of the resurrection life, which is planted in the very realm and dominion of death.

Our history in Christ, and the history of this world and cosmos, is the reality of the eternal, immortal life of God, now being released into the old order of death, and in a processes of time, swallowing up death.

Creation is being renewed by a processes of death and resurrection.

Through the death of Christ, death is being swallowed up, but also in the same act, through the resurrection of Christ, creation is being transformed and renewed, from glory to glory.

We do not yet see this the fullness of this reality, as we witness the wasting away of the old order of creation.

If one has eyes to see, one begins to see a new reality being birthed in the midst of this old fading outer-shell, of the old order of this creation and cosmos.

The kingdom of heaven is not invading this world from the outside, this invasion is taking place from the inside out.

The resurrection of this creation is an inner reality, the same as our outer man is wasting away through by the process of death, yet we are being renewed daily, from glory to glory, in the inner man.

We are taught to think as believes that the invasion of the kingdom of heaven is an outside reality. Invading this world through cosmic climatic upheavals of apocalyptic stature and event. But Jesus did not teach this, Jesus taught of the seed of the kingdom planted in the heart of this earth, this is the apocalyptic transformation of the creation from within.

I have always believed that the theology of heaven and earth, that the earth is here, and heaven is out above in some distant realm, has been a false presentation of these two truths.

I believe heaven and earth are one and the same sphere of reality. They are not separated by anything called distance. The only thing which separates these two realities is the veil, which the old temple in Jerusalem represented.

Heaven has always been in the midst of our world reality. But through the event of the fall of Adam, there is this covering reality called the veil, which through the death and resurrection of Christ, has now been torn from top to bottom.

We are not going to heaven, heaven is in the midst of us, it is separated by a veil. The cloud of witnesses are not in some place called heaven and we are in this place called earth. The Church is one reality in time, which is not separated by heaven and earth. It is separated by the covering veil, which Isaiah says, will at the end of the age be swallowed up by the fullness of the work of Christ.

Sin, death, and the devil were the only realities that separated us from the reality of heaven and God with us, but now through the work of Christ, by the event of the cross, the veil is torn into two.

The militant Church

We through the event of identification with the cross of Christ, enter into the controversy, of the now coming eternal kingdom of Christ in its militant invasion of this eon.

We the church are enlisted into the battle, which has been raging from the time of the victory of the Son, who through the weapon of militant grace, assaulted the world powers of this cosmos and age.

The coming of Christ was the invasion of the cosmos of creation, which this world is cradled in.

The real battle once entered, is in this arena called the heavenlies, which govern this world and age.

It is the realm of sin and death, and the prince of this world. Who through the fall of Adan, has now took the reins of the world systems and orders, which regulate all created events. It is the realm of the principalities and powers of this age.

The powers now through the fall, are prisoners to the power of sin and death. Death through sin is the governing authority, which is released by the powers into the creation. The creation and cosmos are under the bondage of this hostile force called sin and death.

This is the arena of our reality through our union with the resurrected glorified Christ. As his advent into this world was, so also now we through him are.

It was the world of Paul and the others, who came before us. The early Church was a initial invasion into the dominion of death. When the Lord acceded into the heavens and the spirit was released into the early Church, then this assault began to take shape.

This has been the experience of many through the turbulent history of the militant Church.

Jesus said to peter, on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hades will not stand against it. This is a picture of an invading force assaulting the gates of the strong hold of Hades, which was the prison house of this world and cosmos.

Behind the gates of Hades was this once impregnable fortress, called sin and death. It is the realm of the prison house of this world and cosmos. In the death of Christ, this kingdom of death was initially invaded by the Kingdom of God. The light of the God of creation, invaded this realm of the dead.

Christ through his death devoured the kingdom of death. Through the death of Christ, death was initially assaulted and exposed.

This is the ageless, but now coming climatic event, of the invading force called the kingdom of heaven, coming in apocalyptic force, to again reclaim this world and cosmos, which is governed by death.

This is what we now as the Church have been enlisted into. We are brought into this crisis of the creation, through the crisis of the coming of the Christ.

The Church is the militant reality in time, birthed by the acceded Lord of glory. Sent into the dominion of the world powers, proclaiming the victory of Calvary, which is Christ is Lord and King of all. This is our proclamation to the hostile world forces, which stand against the rule and authority of our God in Christ.

This is our birthright through Christ, to share in the rule and dominion of his great eternal, immortal coming, but already here reign of glory.

The ultimate issue of the universe, who will you worship?

The drama that is being played out in the realm of the cosmos is breathtaking. It is a cosmic drama of a world, which was invaded by forces, who are in hostile rebellion towards the God who created all things.

When one reads the biblical witness regarding these epic invisible realities, which are hidden to us creatures of time, one is rocked by the magnitude of what is written, in regards to this ancient drama, which is unfolding in the history of our present time.

One wonders of the beginnings of these cosmic events. So very little is written in the scriptures regarding the origins of this universal drama.

So many questions, but so very few answers to this ageless, timeless drama.

Austin T Sparks once said that the ultimate issue of the universe is worship, who will you worship, will you worship these invisible realities who are called the gods of this present age, or will you worship the Creator God, who created all things in this age?

John Calvin once said, the things that are revealed are for us and our children, but the secret things belong to the Lord. So one will have to trust that the things, which are invisible belong to the Lord.

But now as the creature called the Church, who is the fruit of the event of the death and Resurrection of Christ, We are now thrust into this ageless drama, which transcends all space and time. We are called and enlisted by the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, to enter this cosmic arena outside of space and time, to be witnesses of our utter adoration and worship, toward the one who redeemed us from the powers who rule, in this passing age and presently fading world.

Something transpired in the ageless times of the eternal reality of creation, Which a cosmic revolt occurred. There is not a sense of a time frame that is available in the biblical record, regarding this tragic calamity. But now as one in union with the living Christ, one finds themselves in this unfolding drama of, which now through union with our Lord, we now find ourselves baptized into the very depths of this calamity.

This world which we are born into is a cosmic dramatic theater, for an invisible, universal reality of heavenly beings, which are watching and observing all things, which Paul calls the heavenlies.

Everything one does is being observed an weighed by supernatural realities, who are situated in the cosmos, which is the inner reality of the created order of the creation.

This cosmic setting is endlessly vast in dimensional reality. It seems to have limitless, countless, participants who are directly involved in this universal drama.

It is a very strange and confounding arena, which we through identification with Christ, now find ourselves directly involved with.

Paul’s picture of the drama portrays a Gladiator in a Roman arena, in a battle for life and death, over a hostile cloud of spiritual realities, who sneer and despise their earthly opponents. Paul knew he was not in confrontation with mortal combatants. Paul knew he was in a cosmic reality that was being played out in the history of this world, with supernatural realities, which are situated in the cosmos of creation, who’s only goal and hope is to maintain their ruthless, hostile grip on the creatures of Gods once good creation.

New creation out of the old

The cross event was the transitioning of two ages, one age was deactivated and destroyed another age was birthed.

At the cross, God in Christ brought the whole old order of creation and cosmos into nothingness.

The cross event had nothing to do with fixing an old broken system. The cross event was the death of one entire system of reality and being, and birthing something entirely new, something that was not, but now is.

Calvary was the end of one creation and a new beginning of another creation, and cosmic ordering. Creation was not renewed nor restored, creation as we have know it was put to an ending.

The cross is the beginning of a new world out of nothing. The words of Christ at Calvary were it is finished. The end of the story is now here.

Christ through the event of death on the cross, went into death as the new representative for humanity, then after his death, Christ came back to reclaim the cosmos and creation.

The new age of the new world of creation, was brought back through the death of Christ, into the age that is now passing away into death.

Gods saving event of grace was God in his Christ destroying one order of creation through his death, and then birthing a new one, out of his death and resurrection.

God is not fixing something old, God is starting something new, something radically different than what was reality before.

Jesus brings one system into death through death. Putting an end to sin, and death, and everything that is attached to the old world of creation.

Jesus comes out of the resurrection in the new age, but he doesn’t end the old world and age, he invades the old passing age with the future age, which was birthed on the resurrection side of the cross.

This judgment was not like the flood of Noah, where God destroyed the whole world with the flood. This was radical in nature. In this judgment of the cross, God starts a brand new creation. God through death returns from death, and then radically brings the old creation through death into the new creation, which came out of the resurrection. This is beyond amazing it is radically profound.

The apocalyptic revealing means the ending of one eon, and the birthing of another eon. God in Christ invades the old eon with the new.

The history of this world and cosmos, is the history of death and resurrection. God in Christ takes the creatures of the old world and then brings them into the new world, which he brought out of the death of the old world.

God in Christ starts a entirely different kind of creation, right in the very midst of this old fading world, which was put to death at Calvary, but also brought into life in the resurrection side of Calvary.

The end of one history has now been finished and completed at the cross. The beginning of a new entirely different history was also started at the cross. The cross was the pivot point of two worlds and two histories.

Gods rescue plan at the cross was not destroying his creatures that he has chosen to love. Gods rescue plan was taking his creatures out of a creation. which was hostile to God, and then bringing them into a new creation, which is radically different in nature. A creation where sin and death and the devil are excluded. It is a creation that lives outside of this world of sin and death, and the evil powers of this present age.

Christ through the cross destroyed the old world, where the powers of sin and death separated his creatures from his great love. In this new creation all things are made new. This new creation is for all to come in and enjoy the freedom and liberty of the age that has come through the resurrection of Christ. It is a new world in the midst of our present old world, which is now passing and fading away.

Chained to the man of sin

The power of the force in this world called sin, leads to darkness, which leads to death.

Sin is the invading hostile force, which was released through Adan into the created ordering of God.

Sin was an outsider, which became an insider, which became death.

We through Adan have been born into the family called sin, death and the devil. This is our family tree. The roots of this family run deep into the depths of our humanity, and world that we are born into.

We are cradled and groomed by this sinister force, which is chained to us as soon as we enter this world.

It is a part of our DNA, which is traced all the way back to the garden of Eden, where something happened, which altered the creature that was created by a good God.

Sin and his brother death, who’s father is the devil, were released into the created ordering of the world and cosmos through some radical event of, which so little is written on.

Sin is situated in the very depths of our present reality and being. Sin is hidden from us by the fruit of sin, Who is darkness.

Darkness is the covering of sin. Darkness hides this sinister power called sin. Darkness is the fortress of sin, it protects and keep sin alive in us and this world.

Sin is a hostile force, which drags the creation into doing things that are unimaginably insane.

Sin is the prison house of our souls, we are chained to this man who does not look like us, but we now look like him. Sin has now become our father, our brother, our sister, and our mother.

We are all joined as one global family to this man of sin. He is what we all share in common together. He is divisive, he is sinister, he is violent, he is ruthless, he is hostile, he is heartless, he is boastful, he is proud, he is hate, he is loveless, he is arrogant, he is death? and he is chained to us?

Sin always follows us wherever we go. Sin is always ready and available to release its poisonous fruit called death. Once sin is released we smell the rotten fragrance of death. Death is the fragrance of sin.