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Ruling in the midst of our enemies

When one has truly come into new birth in the Christ, one enters a world, which is in one way a truly wonderful glorious place, full of endless possibilities. This is one of the aspects of the resurrected life of the Christ, but it doesn’t take long before you realize […]

Fading away into living

We are living in the midst of the overlapping of the ages. The sun is setting on one system, but also rising on another. The already has broke into the history of the not yet. The cross was the crossroads of history. One order and system was put to death. […]

The sons of new creation

We live in a world which is governed and ruled by a order of beings in the  heavenlies, known as the sons of God. These first created beings of creation were put into places of supernatural authority over Gods good creation. They are the governmental authorities that sit in high […]

Prophetic word June 9/19

Today I felt a real dread come upon me from the Lord, regarding a coming calamity in the middle east, which will affect the nations, not sure when, but the prophetic sense was very imminent, which any whom have this gifting know that when it comes one is transported into […]