New creation out of the old

The cross event was the transitioning of two ages, one age was deactivated and destroyed another age was birthed.

At the cross, God in Christ brought the whole old order of creation and cosmos into nothingness.

The cross event had nothing to do with fixing an old broken system. The cross event was the death of one entire system of reality and being, and birthing something entirely new, something that was not, but now is.

Calvary was the end of one creation and a new beginning of another creation, and cosmic ordering. Creation was not renewed nor restored, creation as we have know it was put to an ending.

The cross is the beginning of a new world out of nothing. The words of Christ at Calvary were it is finished. The end of the story is now here.

Christ through the event of death on the cross, went into death as the new representative for humanity, then after his death, Christ came back to reclaim the cosmos and creation.

The new age of the new world of creation, was brought back through the death of Christ, into the age that is now passing away into death.

Gods saving event of grace was God in his Christ destroying one order of creation through his death, and then birthing a new one, out of his death and resurrection.

God is not fixing something old, God is starting something new, something radically different than what was reality before.

Jesus brings one system into death through death. Putting an end to sin, and death, and everything that is attached to the old world of creation.

Jesus comes out of the resurrection in the new age, but he doesn’t end the old world and age, he invades the old passing age with the future age, which was birthed on the resurrection side of the cross.

This judgment was not like the flood of Noah, where God destroyed the whole world with the flood. This was radical in nature. In this judgment of the cross, God starts a brand new creation. God through death returns from death, and then radically brings the old creation through death into the new creation, which came out of the resurrection. This is beyond amazing it is radically profound.

The apocalyptic revealing means the ending of one eon, and the birthing of another eon. God in Christ invades the old eon with the new.

The history of this world and cosmos, is the history of death and resurrection. God in Christ takes the creatures of the old world and then brings them into the new world, which he brought out of the death of the old world.

God in Christ starts a entirely different kind of creation, right in the very midst of this old fading world, which was put to death at Calvary, but also brought into life in the resurrection side of Calvary.

The end of one history has now been finished and completed at the cross. The begging of a new entirely different history was also started at the cross. The cross was the pivot point of two worlds and two histories.

Gods rescue plan at the cross was not destroying his creatures that he has chosen to love. Gods rescue plan was taking his creatures out of a creation. which was hostile to God, and then bringing them into a new creation, which is radically different in nature. A creation where sin and death and the devil are excluded. It is a creation that lives outside of this world of sin and death, and the evil powers of this present age.

Christ through the cross destroyed the old world, where the powers of sin and death separated his creatures from his great love. In this new creation all things are made new. This new creation is for all to come in and enjoy the freedom and liberty of the age that has come through the resurrection of Christ. It is a new world in the midst of our present old world, which is now passing and fading away.

Chained to the man of sin

The power of the force in this world called sin, leads to darkness, which leads to death.

Sin is the invading hostile force, which was released through Adan into the created ordering of God.

Sin was an outsider, which became an insider, which became death.

We through Adan have been born into the family called sin, death and the devil. This is our family tree. The roots of this family run deep into the depths of our humanity, and world that we are born into.

We are cradled and groomed by this sinister force, which is chained to us as soon as we enter this world.

It is a part of our DNA, which is traced all the way back to the garden of Eden, where something happened, which altered the creature that was created by a good God.

Sin and his brother death, who’s father is the devil, were released into the created ordering of the world and cosmos through some radical event of, which so little is written on.

Sin is situated in the very depths of our present reality and being. Sin is hidden from us by the fruit of sin, Who is darkness.

Darkness is the covering of sin. Darkness hides this sinister power called sin. Darkness is the fortress of sin, it protects and keep sin alive in us and this world.

Sin is a hostile force, which drags the creation into doing things that are unimaginably insane.

Sin is the prison house of our souls, we are chained to this man who does not look like us, but we now look like him. Sin has now become our father, our brother, our sister, and our mother.

We are all joined as one global family to this man of sin. He is what we all share in common together. He is divisive, he is sinister, he is violent, he is ruthless, he is hostile, he is heartless, he is boastful, he is proud, he is hate, he is loveless, he is arrogant, he is death? and he is chained to us?

Sin always follows us wherever we go. Sin is always ready and available to release its poisonous fruit called death. Once sin is released we smell the rotten fragrance of death. Death is the fragrance of sin.

Militant Grace of Calvary

In the history of this world and cosmos, there has been two invading forces, which were released into the creation and cosmos.

The first invader came in the fall of Adam. The outsiders, sin, death, and the devil, invaded the good creation of a good God.

This hostile dark force, which is associated with chaos and confusion, invaded this present world of creation.

Where these dark foreign forces originated from has not been sufficiently answered in the world of theology. It is one of those deep mystery’s, which has no answer, nor logic to the question.

But the biblical reality is that something was released into the good creation of a good God, which has marred and disfigured the entire created ordering of God.

It was like a militarily invasion of some kind , which we now are born into, which is a hostile universal reality called the fall, which is ruled by, sin and death.

We now live in a world turned not only upside down, but also inside out.

This invading force and reality, has severely ruined the created order of this present creation and cosmos.

This is the sad reality of what is now the terrible truth of this present world and cosmos.

We are all born into something, which should not be, nor should it be accepted as the only reality of what is truth. But its all we know as subjects and participants in this reality, of being born into this hostile environmental structure of what is reality in the world in which we live.

The other great invading force, which invaded this world and cosmos, was the force called militant grace. This invading force called grace was the originator and creator of the entire creation and cosmos.

This force, which was released, was the God of creation, through the event of the cross, returning into his creation, through humanity, which he created, and then assaulting through death the invaders called sin, death, and the devil.

This invader was the creator returning into the realm of the invading enemy’s dominion, and then reclaiming the entire world and cosmos back through his weapon of militant grace.

At the cross this universal force called grace, summoned all the hostile invading forces to the cross of Calvary, and there at the cross militant grace assaulted and overwhelmed all the foreign invaders.

At the cross sin, death, and the devil were all cast out with the old creation and cosmos.

One of the last words that Jesus spoke before the cross was, and now shall the prince of this world be cast out. If he is cast out, then sin and death were also cast out with him.

Christ before creation

The triune expression of the eternal God, is the expression of himself as the Son, the first born of his own creation.

Through his act of becoming the first born Son of the eternal invisible God, the whole created order of the entire creation and cosmos was birthed.

God through Christ, became the beginning and only begotten divine expression of the immortal God.

Christ is the first born and only begotten Son of himself, through whom he birthed his own image and likeness, into his own created order, which he created in himself.

The divine immortal image of God is only revealed in and through the eternal Son, who was birthed through himself, the eternal God, as the first born of all creation.

Christ was begotten by God, which means that God expressed himself in the event of Son, who is the beginning, and most high God, who was the first born of his created act.

Christ is the exact representation of the invisible God, who is Christ now manifested in creation and time.

Christ is not any other than God, nor is he different than God. Christ is God, who gave a visible image of himself a creaturehood called the Son, which means the first born of all creation.

God joins his creation through the act and advent of the divine Son, also through whom the whole story of creation came to be.

God not only creates the whole creation through his Son, but he also becomes a participant of it through and in his Son. Who he is now as himself, and as God.

The old testament claims that the Lord thy God is the one and only God.

God is one unique divine reality, who expresses himself through three different modes of being, but in essence he is one and the same?

This God who created all things for his own good pleasure and purpose, is found throughout the entire old testament scriptures.

This God who is Christ before the cross? appears to Abraham, appears to Moses, appears to the Prophets.

The bible story is really the story of a Creator that not only creates his creatures, but also becomes one of them, so that he can be with them forever.

God has no desire to be separated from the creatures, which he has chosen to love, by becoming one of them.

The Creator becomes the creature of his own creation, so that he can live in the midst of his creatures.

The creature called time

God is a deep hidden mystery that is only revealed to his creatures through his self revelation of who he is in time.

Revelation of the three in one mystery of the Godhead, can only truly be apprehended, when one is brought in, through the event of the eternal before the world was cross, into the place where the mystery is now revealed in present time.

Time is one of Gods good creatures, where he chooses to reveal his eternal Godhead.

Time was created by God to be the place and history, of his self revelation of who he is in eternity.

Time was created by the Creator to become the canvas of his self revelation of his eternal existence outside of time.

Without the creation of the event of time, the eternal God could not be known, nor apprehended by his creatures.

The mystery was only revealed through his act of self eternal revealing in a place called time.

Time is the canvas of Gods self disclosure of eternity. Long before time ever came into being, the eternal Godhead was and is outside of time.

Time is the window through, which we creatures have access into the eternal crucified one, who was crucified before the event of time and creation.

Time gives us access to see the eternal crucified God, who always was, and always will be the crucified one.

The cross of time and history, is his self revelation, of the self giving Creator God, who is what time has now revealed, in the history of time.

Time is the mystery of eternity revealed, not for those only of just time, but for those also of eternity, who live outside of time, who long to look into time.

The creature that is called time, is also the theater for the creatures of eternity, who exist outside of the creature called time.

Time is the theater where those of eternity are given revelation to see the one who is hidden in the eternity outside of time?

Time is a living created presence, created in eternity, to show the mystery of the Crucified God of eternity, who will at the end of time, bend time back to the place before time began? where God will again be what he has always been, all and in all.

Through death, death is defeated

The cross of Christ in ones personnel experience is the power of God.

The cross is the realm, place of authority, where the life of the eternal God defeated the powers death sin and disorder.

At the cross the the power of God defeated the cosmic power of death.

Only at the cross was the defeat of death accomplished.

The life of God came into this world of death and darkness. Death was a impregnable fortress in the cosmos of the entire creation.

Only through going into the dominion of death did Christ defeat him who had the power of death. Death could not hold Christ in its grip.

Jesus descended into the depths of the realm and dominion of death and released all the captives of death.

Christ had to go into death to defeat the powers of death, which also include sin.

Sin is also a member of the family of death.

Death is the great enemy of creation, which the Church though their living union with Christ, is brought into the battle with the power of death.

The resurrection life of the victor over death, who is Christ, is only found, when we through the life of the Christ, descend into the depths of the realm of sin and death.

Through the victory of the life of the Christ in us, we are delivered from the power and bondage of death.

It is only through our entering into the realm and authority of death, through and in the crucified life of Christ, are we truly set free from the power and bondage of death.

The power of death is broken, when we through the life of Christ enter the realm and domain of death. Death is the place of the battle with death? Death is defeated in the realm of death.

Death is a seasonal event for the church, it can not hold us in its grip. The resurrection of Christ has defeated him who had the power of death.

Once our time is over in the valley of death then we find we have been given new weapons to fight this enemy, who is such a hostile force in this fading age and world.

The life of Christ brings us into death, so as to defeat him who has the power of death over us.

The power and authority of the world ruler, is only broken through our being baptized into the death of Christ.

Resurrection is always the fruit of our journey into the realm of death.

Death is a dark and lonely place, no one likes to enter this domain.

We all look for ways out, when one finds himself in this world of death. Death is not a pleasant experience for any to enter.

The power of death is a very hostile environment for any that finds themselves in the event of death.

No one in their right mind wants to stay in the place of death, but it is a grace that we must accept, if we are to truly be vessels of resurrection life.

If we run from the experience of death, then the life of the resurrection will not be found in us.

Death is the door that opens us to life. If we choose not to go into the death of Christ, we also choose not his resurrection.

If we love our human life in this world, we will lose our life in the age that has come?

Can you drink the cup? if you can then you will find the fire of life.

Death is the place where all things that are hostile to life are exposed in us, and to us. It reveals to us the depth of the bondage to this universal power.

When we are brought through the life of Christ into this world of death, It is a very calamitous time, and very confusing for any who find themselves in this otherworldly hostile environment. All is confusion, nothing makes any sense, the soul is laid bare in front of this hostile power.

This is a part of our christian experience through our union with Christ. It is a grace given for our deliverance from the grip and authority of death.

But once death has done all it can do, then the resurrection life of the Christ breaks into the darkness, and death is swallowed up by victory.

Resurrection life is always the end of the journey through death. Once our time in the valley of death is over, then we are brought into newness of life.

It is through going into the death of Christ, that we truly come into the life of Christ.

When our season given to death is over, then we come out into true life, true authority, true liberty, true power and tree freedom.

Oh death where is your sting, the grave is empty, life is victor!

The otherness of Christ

The powers and world rulers of this present age, who sit on thrones of power over the nations, governments, organizations, and yes even the Christian churches.

When we make the systems and structures of this world, our authority and moral compass, then we get into terrible trouble.

T A Sparks once said, if you are looking for the true Church in this world you will not find it. No matter how good it might look it is not of this world.

The true Church dwells in the dimensions of the new age that is coming, but already here, but not of this world.

When we make something in the earth the center and source of our reality, then this thing, no matter what it is, becomes a principality of death?

The trouble with the organized Church today is that somehow they think that the Lord is on their side.

One of the great sins of ancient Israel was they thought that the God of heaven was their personnel God. Israel couldn’t believe that their God was now calling the nations to himself.

Somehow we the Church think that we have a monopoly on the creator God. We think that he is on our side, we have a hard time considering that maybe we are in someway self deluded in our own importance.

Anything which takes the Lordship away from God becomes a principality?

The Church of the living glorified Christ, is a otherworldly creation, it is in this world, but not of it. It is in this time, but time is not a part of it.

The true Church is the body of the living Christ. It is an eternal otherworldly creature, who does not dwell in the systems of time.

The Church is a risen crucified reality that dwells in the new age that has come, but still a present presence in this passing fading age?

Once we loose our divine vocation, then we lose the living reality of the word made flesh.

No one in this world, no matter how biblicaly correct you may be, has the authority to speak for the Christ.

If the word made flesh is not spoken by the Church in true reality, then the outcome is death, biblicaly sound death.

If we the church speak from our own unapostolic selves, then we become vessels of death, just as any other in this world, death is spoken, death is the result.

God is so other than we. Gods ways are past finding out, he is such a profound mystery that can only be truly known through his self revelation to us.

When the revelation comes, then all our categories of what we think of him are shattered. He is other than we.

The death of deaths

The new age of the new heavens and new earth, was inaugurated at the event of Calvary

The God of creation through his eternal Son, took upon himself the fallen old created world of Adam, and went into death.

I don’t think we as christian’s have really grasped the magnitude of the cross, and the depth of this fallen world, which through Adam’s sin and alliance with the serpent figure in Genesis, have now brought such devastation into the created order of the old creation and cosmos.

The fall so ruined the man of Gods good creation, that through Christ, God in his own being, took the old created order down into the depths of death.

We can’t grasp the magnitude of the ruin of creation, without entering through Christ into the realm of death with it.

Death is the place where the mystery of the fall is revealed to us. Death in union with Christ is the place of true seeing, as God truly sees reality.

Through the gift of participating in the cross of Christ, we are brought into the place of true reality. There in death the mystery is unveiled, we begin to see as God sees, we begin to know as God knows.

Participating in the death of deaths, we begin to truly understand how deep and marred the old order of creation is.

Why did Christ have to go down into death as God to redeem the world that he loves? This is a mystery that very few even attempt to answer. It is a mystery beyond understanding.

Christ who is creation in his divine nature and essence, was marred through the fall as much as his creatures? Adams sin pulled the Godhead down into the fall with him?

The cross event was the self revelation of the Godhead revealed in Christ.

We somehow think that God is beyond the effects of this fallen world, which he created through Christ. We think the fall does not in anyway reach the realm of the godhead, who Christ fully represents.

The cross event was God in Christ, revealing to this world and cosmos, at Calvary, by the suffering servant, who is the true and living God revealed in present time, the depths of the suffering required to redeem his creatures from the calamity and desolation of the fall.

At Calvary the fullness of the mystery of the suffering servant God was fully revealed to his creatures, by the Creator himself.

At the cross Gods self revelation was on display to the entire world and cosmos, which also included the angelic order of creation.

The cross was the super cosmic eternal event in time, displayed by a God who in himself is the created order.

The redemption of the crucified God

The redemption of the creation through the work of Christ, was not just the redemptive act for the fallen race of Adam and cosmos, it was also the redemption of God?

Adam who was the representative image bearer for the God of creation. Through the fall of Adam as the image bearer of God, the entire creation was brought into the fall.

The work of Christ on the cross was an event in time which had eternal significance to it.

Through the cross, the creator God not only redeemed his creation, but the creator himself was also redeemed through his own act of redemption?

If Christ is the exact representation of the created order of the whole creation, including the entire cosmos, then how did the fall not affect God. How could the fall be what it was without God being affected by it?

The bible says that the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world.

The cross event, which was witnessed 2000 years ago on Calvary, was the eternal before the world event, revealed in the history of world time.

The Lamb was slain before time and history. Calvary was the moment when the eternal reality of the crucified one was revealed, in the moment called time and history.

Eternity stands outside of history and time, but follows history outside of time.

It does not matter where history is in time, eternity is always now and the same wherever history is.

Eternity does not change like time does. Time is the canvas of eternity.

The eternal event of the redemptive act of God, is revealed on the canvas of time and history.

The same God who revealed the same word to Paul, is the very same God that reveals now. It is the same moment, because time is not in the realm of God. God lives outside of the time of creation.

Redemption is the act, which is already a reality long before the history of the creation and age of time.

The redeemer was redeemed, by his own act of redemption, through his own redemptive act of creation.

All things now have already been redeemed, the last word time and history heard the redeemer say is, it is finished.

Calvary witnessed the eternal God, reveal the eternal redemptive act, which was outside of time, but revealed in time.

Time is just witness to the eternal fact and act, of the eternal God, of an event from eternity, which was revealed in the moment of time and history.

The fullness of redemption is reality now in Christ, but present history is not yet the witness to this once and for all time event, of the lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world.

How can we be so sure that Christ will return as King and Lord. We can be sure because it is in the eternal now. Where time and history have no place or authority.

Eternity does not answer to time, eternity transforms time.

Paul said the end of all things are at hand, this was 2000 ago. This was because Paul was give revelation of the outside of time event, of the fullness of the redemptive act of creation, but not yet revealed in time and history.

Redemption is complete, it is finished now and forever, time has no place in this act of God. Time is only the witness to the act of redemption when eternity reveals it through time.

Time will see the fullness of redemption only when the eternal God chooses to reveal it into time.

The foreign universal power, of sin and death

Universal sin and death were released through the fall of Adam. Through his transgression, sin and death entered the creation, which was represented by Adam.

Now this cosmic universal power of sin and death invades the cosmos and the entire creation.

We have been fooled by the powers of this age, into thinking that sin is a personnel calamity, which one does from time to time, which is very offensive to God.

But Paul speaks of sin as an invading enemy of creation, an outside force brought into a reality that was not, before Adams fall.

Sin is a cosmic power, which has invaded the good creation of a good God. It is a hostile force, which was allowed entrance into the creation, which has now marred and disfigured the entire creation.

Sin is an outsider that broke into the creation, resulting in a complete ruin and calamity, of the image bearing good creation, of a loving good God.

Sin is a universally violent force, which the creation is in the grip of. Sin has invaded and violently forced the salves of sin, into doing the will of the master, who is death, who is ruled by the prince of the powers of the air, the spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience.

Once you were dead because of your disobedience and your many sins. You used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devil—the commander of the powers in the unseen world.[a] He is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God. All of us used to live that way, following the passionate desires and inclinations of our sinful nature. By our very nature we were subject to God’s anger, just like everyone else. Ephesians 2- 1 to 3

Somehow the rulers of this present, but passing evil age, have kept themselves hidden to this profoundly deep mystery of which Paul spoke.

Gods good creation was sold out by Adam, to this prince of this world. Somehow the serpent figure of Genesis took away the birthright from Adam.

Now we are salves to another. We have lost the freedom and liberty, which was given by God to his creatures. This new master of the Adam race is a cruel dictator, who rules his subjects with force and violence. He uses fear and intimidation to control his salves.

This is what this world is under. It is a mystery of the fall. It is hidden to us by nature as the subjects of this dictatorial force, which is hidden in the darkness of this present evil age.

This world is not the enemy of a good and loving God. God came to release this world, which he loves, from this cruel dark hostile force called sin and death, which is ruled by a dark and evil prince, of a dark and evil past, who the bible says sinned from the beginning.

This is a comic war, which we are involved with, it requires spiritual weapons to deal with spiritual realities, who dwell in a cosmic realm called the heavenlies.

We as the church are involved in a cosmic, universal battle, with very evil and real hostile realities, for the rights of this good creation, that a good God created.

God so loved this world that he sent his only Son, as a slave to redeem his good creation.

God does not condemn the man of his creation. God condemns the hostile force of sin and death ,which is the enemy of a good creation, which was created by a good and loving God.

First fruits of redemption

The election of God is a very profound and deep mystery, so many differing views regarding the truth of it, also so very confusing for so many in the faith.

The reformed view is called double predestination, which was originated by John Calvin. Basically what it means is that God elects some to salivation and others to damnation.

The other main view is that its up to us to choose our eternal destiny, God calls all to salvation, but not all respond to his grace.

Basically these are the two main views in the Church regarding the election. There are a few other variations that are similar to these two views.

I kinda take a completely different view on the election of God.

I always had issues with both of these positions. I know that its Gods choice in regards to our salvation into the faith, which I am in complete agreement with Calvin, but the other side of Calvin on election has always given me trouble. I had real hard time believing that God would predestine some to damnation, this just did never sit well with my view of a righteous and just creator, who I believe loves all of his creatures, whom he created.

So this view of Calvin was very confusing for me.

The other view was even harder for me to accept. If it was up to us to come to Christ then God would be a very lonely Creator. All have sinned and gone astray, none of us by nature have any desire to come to a holy God. In our true condition we are all rebels and very hostile to the nature of God.

So what is election, does God save all or only some?

One of the great truths that I believe I am starting to see, is that of the doctrine of first fruits.

When we go through Romans 9 to 11 Paul is speaking a very different kind of language than what I believe many bible expositors translate to the Church.

Remember when Paul said has God failed Israel because of their unbelief. Paul says no, not at all, the elect represent the whole nation? Paul says that all Israel will be saved, because of the election of grace of the few. The few represents the all?

So I believe the same is true of the nations. God has called some through the election of grace, which represents the whole. Why do not all come to Christ now. Its the way God chooses. He chooses parts, which represent the whole of the group.

That’s why Paul could say that all Israel will be saved, just because of the election of the part of the nation? The part represents the whole in the economy of God, the part is the guarantee of the whole.

Its clear through the writings of Paul that Gods desire is to show mercy to all. God is all inclusive toward his creatures. The first fruits is the promise of the whole batch, this is the way God looks at things. I believe this is the track that Paul was on.

Just like the earnest of the spirit, God has put a down payment on the creation, the full payment will be paid on his return from glory.

At this time in history, we live in the parts of redemption, everything is in part, but there will be a day when the whole of the redemption and rectification of the entire creation, will be paid in full.

The first fruits are here to represent the full future payment, which will be paid by the Lord at the end of the age, when he returns to rule and judge his creation.

When I study the bible, I see a complete and utter universal atonement on the cross, how can it be partial? He destroyed sin, death, the devil, hell, there is nothing left that is now able to separate his creatures from his great love, which was displayed for us on the cross.

On that great day of his power, the nations will come to him. He will be satisfied with his great sacrifice, which cost him everything he had so his creatures could be free.

The epic battle of Calvary

The prince of the powers of the air, who is the ruler of this present age, through the dominion of the principalities and powers, regulates his kingdom through the rulers of this present age, who are the principalities and powers.

These powers who regulate Gods good creation, were brought under the domain of the prince of this world by the fall of Adam

Adam who was given the domain of the creation by God, which also included the principalities and powers, through his act of disobedience gave it away to the serpent figure, who was Satan.

The world ruler who now in this present vanishing age, holds the reins of power, through the principalities and powers, he is now called the God of this age.

He is the energizing force, which is the expression of the powers. The powers now through the fall, express the nature of the serpent figure in Genesis.

The powers now live and operate in the dominion of death. Death now is the realm of the powers, everything they now manifest is governed by death. Death is the master, death is the result.

Christ came to rescue and restore the creation, which was now under the dominion of the ruler of this age.

Calvary was the place where this epic, universal, cosmic drama was played out.

This cosmic universal redemption touched every realm of the fall. It descended to the depths, it ascended to the heights, it was a universal reconciliation of the creation.

Through the crucified Christ, the prince of the powers of this age was judged by the judge on Calvary.

The old creation which Adam represented, under the prince of this age, came to their Waterloo moment. It was deliverance day for the creation, the prince of this world was cast out.

The cross was the epic battle against sin and death played out at Calvary. Death did all it could do to retain its power over creation and the cosmos, but death could not hold the Creator in its grip.

At the cross the life of the eternal God exploded out of the realm of death, hell, and the grave.

Creation was now released. The dominion of death was swallowed up by the victory of life.

The glory of the living Christ has now filled the entire creation and cosmos.

Liberty and freedom by the crucified conquer has now arrived.

The new creation with the new Adam has appeared, his name is Jesus. He is king of kings and lord of lords.

Through death Christ destroyed him who had the power of death.

Oh death where now is your sting, the grave is empty, life has won.