The providence of God in election

The highlight of Calvin’s teachings are on eternal election, and the secret providence of god. What Calvin does better than any other, is he reveals the solid foundation, which we have under our faith. Calvin portrays an eternal God who is ruling his creation, an electing God that cannot fail his people, a God that … Continue reading The providence of God in election

The powers of the heavens will be shaken

The heavenly angelic powers, which are the governmental authorities, which sit in seats of ruler-ship over this present age. These angelic creatures, which were created as the foundationial structures of this present order and system of reality, which we presently live and move in, they are called the gods of this age. These foundations and … Continue reading The powers of the heavens will be shaken

The great exchange at Calvary

In Christ, the eternal God put to death all, which separated himself from his creation. The hostile powers of creation, which separated his creatures from his great love, law, sin, death, and the deceiver, were all exposed, and then stripped of all their authority. Every hostile force, which entered into the creation, which God created, … Continue reading The great exchange at Calvary