Features of our new man

The new man that one receives in Christ is very similar to the old; he seems to take on the visible features of the old. To me it looks like the new man is moulded from the old man in appearance, but so otherworldly beautiful, but very recognizable to who we are in this life. Sometimes when one looks at people that are in a very intimate place with the Lord, one sees the old man, who is Adam, but also the new who is Christ, it’s like they are intertwined together in one reality. Sometimes when one looks at saints one can see their spiritual condition by the radiance of the new man. When the new man is in a place of ascendancy over the old, their condition is very healthy even visible appearance. The little I have seen of this new man, is unbelievably, stunningly beautiful. Unbelievable perfection, like some otherworldly radiance, but somehow rapped in the features of who we are in this life. Will we know each other in glory, I believe absolutely, but in glorified splendour. The resurrection of the dead started on the day when Christ rose from the dead, so also our resurrection starts in this present life. Once one truly enters into Christ, one enters the resurrection from among the dead, yet while we live in the world. We will not be fully into the glory until we shed this old humanity whenever our earthly time is over, or the lord reveals himself. The mystery is that the two humanities grow together in one body. One is destined for the grave; the other is destined for glory. The old theological statement is, already but not yet, already born into the other, were Christ and his church dwell, but not yet in fully. At this point we are creatures of two worlds, one is growing unto eternity, the other fading into history. This other world, which is the kingdom of the heavens, not in heaven, does not come from some place other than here. It’s in the very midst of us; the kingdom is now and here, has already come, but continues to keep coming. The Lords coming will just be the visible revealing of this other worldly place. The bible is clear; we are surrounded by clouds of witnesses. The saints of all ages are with us, as much as the Lord is.

Apostolic revealing

I don’t believe that this present dispensation will come to an end without an Apostolic witness from God to the nations of this world. The church age began with an apostolic proclamation from the Apostles of the Lord; this age will not end without this event being repeated. We have seen over the years the reappearance of prophetic men, these foundational men have brought forth oracular proclamations from God, they proclaimed event before the event was event, these men are seers, they see the event as living in the event. This ministry was the forerunner to the ministry of the lords own Apostolic witness to Israel. The Apostolic ministry is the fulfillment of the Prophetic ministry. The Apostolic ministry is the Prophetic ministry becoming event. When the Apostle comes on the scene he is the prophetic event now in time and history, no more in the future, the event is here and now. Prophet men speak the event before the event is here, Apostles speak event and it becomes event. The Apostolic man is the event speaking the event into being. The Apostle is the man that draws out the principalities and powers; they are exposed in his presence, they can’t hide from him, his very presence draws them out. These men are dangerous to the kingdom of darkness; the powers of the air have to obey their authority. When these men come on the scene, apostolic events follow them. I believe we are at the threshold of the historic moment in present time, when God will again send these men into the theater of this end time. When these men are revealed the war in the heavenly realms begins, they are the trigger to this event, the powers of the air will rage again when these men reappear. I believe these men represent the two witnesses of revelation. This end time apostolic ministry will result in martyrdom, that’s the destiny of a true Apostle. Paul’s picture of an apostle was a gladiator in an arena fighting to his death. Apostolic men know this; they consider it a privilege to come to this ending. The question is where are they; the answer is hidden in the nations of this world knowing the time is near for them to be revealed. As Elijah of old came on the scene to backslidden Israel, so these men will also come on the scene in the same way.

Apostolic end of the age witness

The end time manifestation of the Apostle will be the sign of the change of dispensations. As the early apostles were prepared by the Lord to manifest Gods new movement in the earth, so likewise at the end of the church age the apostolic man will reappear. Like it or not the church age will end, it was a temporary movement, God has never forsaken his original plan. The apostle comes on the scene to close one dispensation and to open another; he is given the responsibility to present to the people the new movement of God, but he is also the instrument of judgment to a system that was once given and blessed by God, but now no longer valid. The Apostle is the revelation of Gods new movement; he is the door that leads the people into this new and strange way. The Apostle is the consummation of the prophetic ministry; he is the vessel that consummates the prophetic word. When the Apostle comes on the scene the transition period begins; the prophetic word takes on movement. The apostolic ministry is a time of great convulsion, Foundations are shaken, people are challenged to leave the old ground once given and blessed by God, and enter into a new and unknown way.

The cosmic cross

What really happened at the cross? Why was it required for Christ to suffer such a violent death at the cross, was the cross an event just for fallen man, or was it something much bigger, I don’t think we really understand the magnitude of this cosmic universal event. This event was not an event of place and time; it was a universal event that transcended all time. This event was displayed in the city of the earthly Jerusalem, but it was also displayed in the heavenly Jerusalem. This event cleansed the earth, but it also cleansed the heavens. This event redeemed mankind, but brought judgment to another kind. At the cross mans evil was judged; at the cross universal evil was also judged. At the cross a new humanity was brought forth, at the cross an old humanity was destroyed. This great event was a universal display of Gods righteousness. This great event was a universal display of Gods humility. This great event was a universal display of Gods judgment. This event was witnessed by human kind, it was also witnessed by angelic kind. This event cleansed the earth, but also cleansed the heavens. The son of man hung on the cross as a man, but he also hung on the cross as the God of man. The crucifixion was God taking full responsibility for a fallen creation; the crucifixion was God taking full responsibility for a new creation. The cross is Gods final answer to a creation that was poisoned with evil.

Elijah anointing

This morning in my time of communion with the Lord, I heard the still small voice.

The Elijah anointing will once again be released into the earth, there will again be a sent people into the earth, with the mantle of Elijah, who will proclaim the coming of the Lord.

I believe we are right at the door of this release of prophetic authority in the midst of gods people, the heavenly veil is once again lifting, we are entering the times of refreshing.

Ruling in the midst of our enemies

When one has truly come into new birth in the Christ, one enters a world, which is in one way a truly wonderful glorious place, full of endless possibilities.

This is one of the aspects of the resurrected life of the Christ, but it doesn’t take long before you realize that you have entered an environment which is very hostile.

This new world, which you have now come into is a very hostile place, everything around you changes. People look at you now in a very strange way. Your very presence now seems to agitate everything and everyone around you.

When we are young to this world we are shocked at its hostility, which seems to be directed now at you.

This is the normal experience of a true new birth.

We through regeneration into the new man, who is the Christ, find ourselves in a timeless realm of antagonism.

For one to maintain this position, in the midst of all the assaults, which are directed toward you, is a very arduous task.

This is the inheritance, which was delivered for us at the cross, the enemies of our souls are defeated in this world, the authority of the risen Christ is Lord in this place, our authority in the risen Christ is found in this place.

Fading away into living

We are living in the midst of the overlapping of the ages.

The sun is setting on one system, but also rising on another.

The already has broke into the history of the not yet.

The cross was the crossroads of history.

One order and system was put to death.

A new order and system was brought to life.

A new type of humanity is coming.

A old humanity is leaving.

We are given the privilege of being part of the leaving.

We are given the privilege of being part of the coming.

We feel the pain and sorrow of the leaving.

We feel the joy and glory of the coming.

The sons of new creation

We live in a world which is governed and ruled by a order of beings in the  heavenlies, known as the sons of God.

These first created beings of creation were put into places of supernatural authority over Gods good creation.

They are the governmental authorities that sit in high places of ruler ship.

These beings are the foundationial structures of this present order, which we presently live in.

The very fabric of humanity is a reflection of who they are, what they are, and what they are like.

Humanity reflects these invisible realities.

These invisible entities dwell and govern creation in the dimension of the spirit realm, which surrounds this world.

God, in the beginning set these places of governmental authority for the good of mankind.

The principalities and powers are the names given to these first born, created sons of another order of creatures, who were created by God.

These powers are the gods of the Adamic creation, which is the present order and system of this world.

They have fashioned this world according to their natures.

These systems they move and operate in were created by God.

Something happened long ago, the bible has some things to say about it, but so much is left unsaid.

There was a great rebellion which occurred in the heavenlies.

These rulers and authorities that were given these places of great honor and authority rebelled.

The bible is very clear, these powers in their rebellion against the God of heaven, did not lose their positions of authority.

In their rebellion God did not remove them, God left them in place, but he did pronounce  Judgment on them.

These sons of the rebellion know that their rein of carriage over Gods good creation has and ending.

The Lord from the days of the cross is now creating a new order of humanity, an order birthed from the agony of suffering and sorrow.

God is preparing a new order of creatures from the order of Adam, known as the sons of the most high, these new creatures have been given the same DNA as the God of heaven, these sons are chosen from among humanity, to be the new creation of God.

These new sons of the most high, were given this heavenly place of power and authority at the cross, by the true Son of the most high God.

The end of this present order and age, will reveal this new governing body, which are chosen elected ones, who will inherit the government of Gods good creation.

At the end of this age, there will be a change of government over the kingdoms of this world.

There will be priests sitting over Gods good creation reflecting the true God of heaven.

These kings and priests will reveal the mercy of God through the face of his only true Son, Jesus Christ our Lord!

Coming middle east calamity

Today I felt a real dread come upon me from the Lord, regarding a coming calamity in the middle east, which will affect the nations, not sure when, but the prophetic sense was very imminent, which any whom have this gifting know that when it comes one is transported into the spiritual event, before it becomes visible event.

This is always the tension of the prophetic speaking, speaking event before it is event.