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Fall is in the air

Fall is in the air, another season is passing away into the layers of history. The loud shouts of summer, turn into the whispers of fall. The journey once again begins, into the silence of winter. The cycle of life continues,,, creation begins to rest. God’s faithfulness is once again […]

The shepherd of Israel

Oh shepherd of Israel, how lovely are thy dwelling places, for one moment in thine courts, are so much greater than all other joys? Where does thou dwell, oh ancient one? draw us into thy everlasting gates, into thy courts, the places of your dwellings. Draw us in so we […]

The lightless lords of creation

The lightless Lords of creation, dry springs, empty cisterns that can not hold water. Wondering stars of blackness, brooding over the nations, empty vessels of time, shop keepers of hate, rejected and dismissed, fading into the blackness, follow us is their cry, freedom is their words, bondage is their trap? […]

The Queen of the nations

We live in the midst of two ages, we are also creatures of two ages. One age is vanishing away into the night of nothingness, but still grasping to be heard, felt and acknowledged, not wanting to have its ending? Grasping at the fleeting ends of its own self existence, […]

Prophetic word

Feeling the spirit of the Lord saying today, that there is a coming nuclear event that is coming to this world. These are hard statements to proclaim, but I feel that the spirit of the lord is warning us on coming Apocalyptic events, Which will be released into the world. […]

The royal road of Calvary

 But far be it from me to glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world hath been crucified unto me, and I unto the world. For neither is circumcision anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.  And as many as shall walk by this rule, peace be upon them, […]

Prophetic word

we are fast approaching the time, when we will have to stand for the truth of the gospel of Christ. I believe the Lord is saying, the time is at hand, when the true witness of the eternal kingdom of Christ, will once again be released, as a witness to […]

The mystery of iniquity

What is this mystery, if Paul calls it a mystery, then we should not believe the simple interpretations that we have been taught. When Paul speaks the word mystery it’s not a statement he uses lightly. There are two main interpretations of this in the church. The reformers believed that […]

The end of all things are near?

We are fast approaching the end of all things. There is a great transition coming to this earth. There is a completely different reality coming to this world, which is so other to what is now. This whole world system, which we presently are related to, is in a state […]

Prophetic reflection

This morning I felt the Lord saying. As the days escalate into the time of the coming of the Lord, there is coming events that will mirror the book of Daniel. I believe we are about to be visited and helped by angelic beings, in the role as helping us […]