Ruling in the midst of our enemies

When one has truly come into new birth in the Christ, one enters a world, which is in one way a truly wonderful glorious place, full of endless possibilities.

This is one of the aspects of the resurrected life of the Christ, but it doesn’t take long before you realize that you have entered an environment which is very hostile.

This new world, which you have now come into is a very hostile place, everything around you changes. People look at you now in a very strange way. Your very presence now seems to agitate everything and everyone around you.

When we are young to this world we are shocked at its hostility, which seems to be directed now at you.

This is the normal experience of a true new birth.

We through regeneration into the new man, who is the Christ, find ourselves in a timeless realm of antagonism.

For one to maintain this position, in the midst of all the assaults, which are directed toward you, is a very arduous task.

This is the inheritance, which was delivered for us at the cross, the enemies of our souls are defeated in this world, the authority of the risen Christ is Lord in this place, our authority in the risen Christ is found in this place.

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