Vision of the wrath to come

The lord brought me into an experience that was terribly terrifying.

I believe it was related to the wrath that is coming to this world.

This event was with me for about five days. It escalated day by day to the place that I thought that I couldn’t bare much more.

What I believe is coming is so beyond human understanding. It was sheer terror. It felt like the whole world was naked and bare in the reality of it.

I felt that every fiber in me was naked and guilty in the presence of it.

No words can do justice to what I believe was a unveiling of what is coming to this world.

The whole atmosphere was changed. There was no place to hide. No place to run. Its like the whole state of present reality changed form.

Its hard to put it into words the experience. All I know is if this is what is coming to the world then its going to be a terrifying event.

It was such a feeling of absolute guilt. Nothing but deserved wrath.

I felt it was what I was deserving of. The guilt was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. A sense of an absolute rejection of God. And I felt it was completely deserved.

I had nothing in me that I felt was of any value or good. Every ounce of my being was guilty before God.

I’m not one who talks much about the wrath that is coming, but if this was an initial revealing of what is coming, it will be a terrifying day.

All I know is the helplessness I felt in this seeing. A sense of no hope, but also a sense of what I was experiencing was what I deserved.

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