The epic battle of Calvary

The prince of the powers of the air, who is the ruler of this present age, through the dominion of the principalities and powers, regulates his kingdom through the rulers of this present age, who are the principalities and powers.

These powers who regulate Gods good creation, were brought under the domain of the prince of this world by the fall of Adam

Adam who was given the domain of the creation by God, which also included the principalities and powers, through his act of disobedience gave it away to the serpent figure, who was Satan.

The world ruler who now in this present vanishing age, holds the reins of power, through the principalities and powers, he is now called the God of this age.

He is the energizing force, which is the expression of the powers. The powers now through the fall, express the nature of the serpent figure in Genesis.

The powers now live and operate in the dominion of death. Death now is the realm of the powers, everything they now manifest is governed by death. Death is the master, death is the result.

Christ came to rescue and restore the creation, which was now under the dominion of the ruler of this age.

Calvary was the place where this epic, universal, cosmic drama was played out.

This cosmic universal redemption touched every realm of the fall. It descended to the depths, it ascended to the heights, it was a universal reconciliation of the creation.

Through the crucified Christ, the prince of the powers of this age was judged by the judge on Calvary.

The old creation which Adam represented, under the prince of this age, came to their Waterloo moment. It was deliverance day for the creation, the prince of this world was cast out.

The cross was the epic battle against sin and death played out at Calvary. Death did all it could do to retain its power over creation and the cosmos, but death could not hold the Creator in its grip.

At the cross the life of the eternal God exploded out of the realm of death, hell, and the grave.

Creation was now released. The dominion of death was swallowed up by the victory of life.

The glory of the living Christ has now filled the entire creation and cosmos.

Liberty and freedom by the crucified conquer has now arrived.

The new creation with the new Adam has appeared, his name is Jesus. He is king of kings and lord of lords.

Through death Christ destroyed him who had the power of death.

Oh death where now is your sting, the grave is empty, life has won.

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