The end of our journey in time

The end of the journey of redemptive creation is unspeakable joy full of glory.

The journey with the new Adam through salvation history, ends in glory for the ages upon the ages to come.

The Lord in his death and resurrection now lives in the eternal age that has come, but also will come.

In the new world of the fullness of redemption, God waits for his people who are alive in the present history and time.

God not only waits for his people who still live in this passing age, God through death and resurrection comes back into the passing age to be with us, and to bring the new age of the eternal now into our passing age, which we dwell in.

We as members of his restored humanity already share in the glory of the age that has come. We are now partaking with all the saints, of all the ages, in the glory of new creation. The only thing which separates us from them is our shedding of this old body of this flesh. When it is time to lay down this old tabernacle, then we will awake in the age that we were born into, through our high priest and King.

As the end of the old order of creation is fading away, the covering veil, which separates us from Christ, and all who have gone into glory, gets thinner and thinner. There is very little day light between us who are still on this side of glory, and those who are with Christ in the glory of new creation.

The story of redemption is already over. All things have become new, the new creation has been delivered for his creatures through our great God and his Christ. History is just running out the clock, the lamb of God who sits on the throne of his new creation has restored everything, which he has promised through the prophets.

Blessed assurance is the cry from the redeemed of the Lord. When our journey in time is over, we know we will awake in his eternal presence. Because really we were there at the begining?

Who can separate us from his great love? There is nothing left that was not defeated at Calvary. The pathway of the redeemed is a highway, which leads us into the promised land. The road to glory is cleared for the redeemed of the Lord.

Christ through his defeat of the power of sin and death, has secured us with him for ever and ever, world without end.

Christ is at the end of the journey of reconciliation of the creation. Creation has been redeemed by the redeemer.

We are longing for the eternal day ahead, when we will truly know as we have been known.

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