Prophetic reflection

This morning I felt the Lord saying. As the days escalate into the time of the coming of the Lord, there is coming events that will mirror the book of Daniel.

I believe we are about to be visited and helped by angelic beings, in the role as helping us with the coming calamities and events, which are related to the return of the master.

I believe that angelic beings will again become a more and more present reality in the midst of his people. They will be sent to assist the church of the end days to help release the power of the age to come.

Like the chief prince Micheal, in the book of Daniel, he was sent to protect the chosen of the Lord.

They will be sent as to assist the end time church into the proclamation of the return of the king, with mighty signs and wonders, which we haven’t witnessed since the times of the Apostles.

I believe the heavens and earth are about to come together again, when these events start to take place, and I believe have already begun, we will be witnesses to unbelievable and profound events on this earth.

I believe a door in the heavenlies has been opened up for the church to enter. The Lord says come in my people, and I will show you the things that are happening, but and also the things that are about to come.

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