The true condition of man

For his dominion is a everlasting dominion, and his Kingdom endures from generation to generation, and all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, but he does according to his will in the host of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth; and no one can ward of his hand, or say to him what has thou done. Daniel 4- 34,35

As the days ahead start to unfold we need to truly believe this statement, God is ruling his creation, he is regulating the affairs of all his creatures, he does according to his own will.

Man thinks he is a free agent and does as he pleases, little does he know that every breath that he breaths is under Gods Sovereign control.

God is restraining mans evil.

If the Lord truly let us go our own way, then this mask that we wear would come off, and the truth of the human condition would be revealed.

No, man is not the creature that he thinks he is.

To truly see the real condition of what is in man, is to truly see the otherness of God.

God isn’t fooled by our false humility, he knows exactly what’s in us.

We can pretend all we what, but God sees through everything about us.

It’s because of Gods great mercy that he doesn’t expose us all at once, we couldn’t bare the shock it.

Isaiah had a glimpse of who God truly was, all he could do is say, whoa is me, for I am undone.

We all want to be used by God, thinking somehow that we can do him service in his Kingdom, but the truth is that God gives his authority and presence to very few.

We all come to the front of the line when there’s something in it for us, but how many come to the front of the line when there’s nothing in it for us, but suffering, rejection, humbling, sorrow.

The true servants of the Lord, people who God can trust, are people who have come to know the true difference of who they are, and who God truly is.

This number is very few, not many.

We all love the things that god can do for us. We love his blessings and gifts, which he freely gives to us, but how many of us can still love a God, when he comes to us in sorrow, suffering, brokenness, loneliness, emptiness, rejection.

How many of us can still bless the Lord when he comes to us in these ways. Very few are the number that are willing to receive a God such as this.

This is the true and living God.

His nature is true humility, he is the suffering servant.

Its who he is, its what makes God so altogether other than who we are.

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