Apostolic revealing

I don’t believe that this present dispensation will come to an end without an Apostolic witness from God to the nations of this world.

The church age began with an apostolic proclamation from the Apostles of the Lord; this age will not end without this event being repeated.

We have seen over the years the reappearance of prophetic men, these foundational men have brought forth oracular proclamations from God, they proclaimed event before the event was event, these men are seers, they see the event as living in the event.

This ministry was the forerunner to the ministry of the lords own Apostolic witness to Israel.

The Apostolic ministry is the fulfillment of the Prophetic ministry.

The Apostolic ministry is the Prophetic ministry becoming event.

When the Apostle comes on the scene he is the prophetic event now in time and history, no more in the future, the event is here and now.

Prophet men speak the event before the event is here, Apostles speak event and it becomes event.

The Apostolic man is the event speaking the event into being.

The Apostle is the man that draws out the principalities and powers; they are exposed in his presence, they can’t hide from him, his very presence draws them out.

These men are dangerous to the kingdom of darkness; the powers of the air have to obey their authority.

When these men come on the scene, apostolic events follow them.

I believe we are at the threshold of the historic moment in present time, when God will again send these men into the theater of this end time.

When these men are revealed the war in the heavenly realms begins, they are the trigger to this event, the powers of the air will rage again when these men reappear.

I believe these men represent the two witnesses of revelation.

This end time apostolic ministry will result in martyrdom, that’s the destiny of a true Apostle.

Paul’s picture of an apostle was a gladiator in an arena fighting to his death. Apostolic men know this; they consider it a privilege to come to this ending.

The question is where are they; the answer is hidden in the nations of this world knowing the time is near for them to be revealed.

As Elijah of old came on the scene to backslidden Israel, so these men will also come on the scene in the same way.

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