Calvin’s Calvinism

This is I believe one of the most profound men in the historic Christian faith.

People call Calvin a theologian; I call him an apostolic giant.

I felt strongly to express the impact this mans teaching has had on my Christian experience.

Over the years I have read much material from writers throughout all the ages, with great help from many, but when I came into the revelation of Calvin teaching I felt as if I were a blind man.

The great modern day theologian Karl Barth, considered by many to be the greatest 20th century theologian, now no longer with us, said that when he came into the teaching of Calvin, it was like some prehistoric beast coming down from the Himalayas, it was otherworldly.

The impact was like nothing he ever read.

The highlight of Calvin’s teaching is on eternal election and the secret providence of god.

What Calvin does better than any other is he reveals the solid foundation that we have under our faith;

Calvin portrays an eternal God that is ruling his creation, an electing God that cannot fail his people, a god that is governed by his eternal decrees.

God does not change his mind once he chooses someone.

Even though that vessel fails God often, God does not change his mind.

If our salvation were subject to what we are in ourselves, then God would be a very lonely being.

God does overrule our shortcomings, he does change our will, he hardens some, but softens others, he calls some to common use, and others to special privilege.

These things are hard to accept in the beginning of our faith, but over time and much history it takes away all the fear of failure, knowing that through all our sinning and rebellion, God will still bring us through to his end.

Yes we fail often, we frustrate the spirit continually, but Gods love does not change toward us, he is a covenant making Creator with his creatures, he is not like us, he is other.

We are fair-weather friends. God is loyal, faithful, unchanging. When God speaks a word into your life it is eternal, it is foundational.

That’s why I take such issue with people when they say Israel failed God so God is through with them.

When we make these kinds of statements we call God a liar.

God does not change his mind. When God speaks something it is fact, it is our foundation, it carries us to his end.

Israel may be set-aside for a season, but the covenant is eternal.

Men want to drag God down and make him one of us; they want him to play by our rules.

God is a sovereign being that is not governed by human law, God is a law unto himself, he does not answer to our judgments, and he does as he pleases.

He does not respond to our reasoning’s, he responds to his eternal proclamations.

He gives his mercy to whomever he chooses.

When we start thinking that we deserve any mercy from him he hides his face from us.

God gives because it’s his nature to give, that’s why the people that get the most mercy are usually the least deserving of it.

Even though this world looks like it’s out of control, God is on the throne, the rod of authority is in his hand.

This to me is one of the most profound statements in scripture, it brings peace and comfort to me, and it has gotten me through all the experiences that I have endured throughout this life.

I know God loves me, not because I earned his love, or am deserving of it, God loves me because he chose to love me, no other reason than this.

The struggle I have is wondering why would God love me, why would God choose me.

This question is starting to take on more meaning as I get older.

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