The great transition of the two ages

We are living in the midst of two ages in a moment of one time.

One age is passing away into the layers of history. It is an age of an time before the cross, an age that has been and is, but is finished, but also continues into the fading of history.

Christ at the cross event was the beginning of an new age. This new age was birthed out of the present age through the cross.

The present age is the building blocks of the age that has come, but also continues to come.

This new age is called the kingdom of the heavens. This other age is situated in the very presence of the age in which we live in.

This new age that has come, is an age of mystery in our history. It is an hidden mysterious reality, which runs along side of this present age, and history.

These two ages, in this present one time, are in the midst of an great transition. One age is transitioning into it is finished, the other is transitioning it has now come.

This present world, which we are witnessing, is a very scary and dark place. It looks like things are closing, getting darker, evil is escalating in profound ways. It looks like things are coming to an climatic ending, of which the bible speaks about.

But in the very midst of this closing time and age, of present history, there is this new birthing of an new profound, epic, eternal age, which is growing and expanding.

This new age, which has come, but also continues to come, is so other and superior to this present age.

This new other age of the kingdom of the heavens, is at this point in the history of present time, in the midst of invading this other age, which has been judged and done away with on the cross, when Christ cried out it is finished.

The cross event, of the Christ of God, this was the transition from one kind of an age, to an totally other kind of an age.

As this present age comes to its prophetic end time fulfillment, this new other age, which is in the midst of the very air that we breath, is being birthed.

Things look very scary at this present moment of time, but things also look very wonderful at this time.

The question is, which age are you presently living in? Are you living in the age before the cross, or are you living in the age after the cross?

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