The creature called time

God is a deep hidden mystery that is only revealed to his creatures through his self revelation of who he is in time.

Revelation of the three in one mystery of the Godhead, can only truly be apprehended, when one is brought in, through the event of the eternal before the world was cross, into the place where the mystery is now revealed in present time.

Time is one of Gods good creatures, where he chooses to reveal his eternal Godhead.

Time was created by God to be the place and history, of his self revelation of who he is in eternity.

Time was created by the Creator to become the canvas of his self revelation of his eternal existence outside of time.

Without the creation of the event of time, the eternal God could not be known, nor apprehended by his creatures.

The mystery was only revealed through his act of self eternal revealing in a place called time.

Time is the canvas of Gods self disclosure of eternity. Long before time ever came into being, the eternal Godhead was and is outside of time.

Time is the window through, which we creatures have access into the eternal crucified one, who was crucified before the event of time and creation.

Time gives us access to see the eternal crucified God, who always was, and always will be the crucified one.

The cross of time and history, is his self revelation, of the self giving Creator God, who is what time has now revealed, in the history of time.

Time is the mystery of eternity revealed, not for those only of just time, but for those also of eternity, who live outside of time, who long to look into time.

The creature that is called time, is also the theater for the creatures of eternity, who exist outside of the creature called time.

Time is the theater where those of eternity are given revelation to see the one who is hidden in the eternity outside of time?

Time is a living created presence, created in eternity, to show the mystery of the Crucified God of eternity, who will at the end of time, bend time back to the place before time began? where God will again be what he has always been, all and in all.

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