The ground of the powers

I am begining to have a change on some fundamentals of the faith.

I have lived more or less in the camp of the doctrine called the total depravity, but I am starting to see more and more that this really is not the full truth of the condition of man.

I am leaning more and more into the reality that the doctrine of the total depravity of our old nature, is in some ways flawed. I am beginning to believe it is a deception from the powers that be.

Humanity is a very flawed creature, but I believe it is because humanity is a deceived creature. The reason that there is hostility in us when it comes to Christ, is because we are by nature indwelt by demonic beings who make their homes in our natures. When Christ walked in this earth, it exposed the world of the powers, who call the humanity of Adam their homes.

These demonic entities inhabit the arena of our old natures. We are so used to this existence that we don’t know anything different. But when Christ through the spirit comes near to us, it releases a very hostile reaction toward Christ.

I do know from much experience, that when I allow something of a demonic nature into my being, sometimes willfully through sin, and other times unwillfully through deception, there always is a hostile reaction, when Christ reveals through the spirit the foreign entity. I find something in my depths rise up in hostility against the Lord. Its very easy to blame this on ones own heart condition, but the truth of it is, that the reason this hostility rises up, is that the power of the invading reality that has come into ones being, violently lashes out at the Lord, who now is coming in to drive out this foreign entity, who now does not have any desire to leave the place of his invasion.

I truly believe that its a very deceptive reality of the work of the powers, who are always longing to come into our being. Once they are in, its very difficult to recognize their presence. A veil seems to cover our discernment when we are infiltrated by the demonic presence and reality.

I am beginning to believe that its not so much that humanity does not want Christ in this world, I believe its the powers who live in the midst of humanity that are the real resistance to Christ. The powers are so intertwined with this world, and the humanity of this world, that we think its our true condition of normality.

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