The redemption of the crucified God

The redemption of the creation through the work of Christ, was not just the redemptive act for the fallen race of Adam and cosmos, it was also the redemption of God?

Adam who was the representative image bearer for the God of creation. Through the fall of Adam as the image bearer of God, the entire creation was brought into the fall.

The work of Christ on the cross was an event in time which had eternal significance to it.

Through the cross, the creator God not only redeemed his creation, but the creator himself was also redeemed through his own act of redemption?

If Christ is the exact representation of the created order of the whole creation, including the entire cosmos, then how did the fall not affect God. How could the fall be what it was without God being affected by it?

The bible says that the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world.

The cross event, which was witnessed 2000 years ago on Calvary, was the eternal before the world event, revealed in the history of world time.

The Lamb was slain before time and history. Calvary was the moment when the eternal reality of the crucified one was revealed, in the moment called time and history.

Eternity stands outside of history and time, but follows history outside of time.

It does not matter where history is in time, eternity is always now and the same wherever history is.

Eternity does not change like time does. Time is the canvas of eternity.

The eternal event of the redemptive act of God, is revealed on the canvas of time and history.

The same God who revealed the same word to Paul, is the very same God that reveals now. It is the same moment, because time is not in the realm of God. God lives outside of the time of creation.

Redemption is the act, which is already a reality long before the history of the creation and age of time.

The redeemer was redeemed, by his own act of redemption, through his own redemptive act of creation.

All things now have already been redeemed, the last word time and history heard the redeemer say is, it is finished.

Calvary witnessed the eternal God, reveal the eternal redemptive act, which was outside of time, but revealed in time.

Time is just witness to the eternal fact and act, of the eternal God, of an event from eternity, which was revealed in the moment of time and history.

The fullness of redemption is reality now in Christ, but present history is not yet the witness to this once and for all time event, of the lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world.

How can we be so sure that Christ will return as King and Lord. We can be sure because it is in the eternal now. Where time and history have no place or authority.

Eternity does not answer to time, eternity transforms time.

Paul said the end of all things are at hand, this was 2000 ago. This was because Paul was give revelation of the outside of time event, of the fullness of the redemptive act of creation, but not yet revealed in time and history.

Redemption is complete, it is finished now and forever, time has no place in this act of God. Time is only the witness to the act of redemption when eternity reveals it through time.

Time will see the fullness of redemption only when the eternal God chooses to reveal it into time.

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