The risen life of the Christ

The further one progresses in the faith and the more developed the new man becomes in you. You start seeing things that our human life just cannot comprehend.

The new man who is the Christ, which is growing in us, is not us, it is in us but it is not us, it is the life of the eternal Son of God, it will always be his life. This life that he gives to us is called the truth. It reveals things to us that we naturally are not capable of seeing. Jesus said, you shall know the truth and it will set you free, this life is the truth.

To grow in this life is to grow in truth.

This new man is a different kind of creature. It is foreign to this world, it doesn’t go along with the program of this life that is ours.

It has its own direction. It does things much different than we are used to doing, it doesn’t follow our human life.

It leads, as soon as we try to control this life, it recoils from us, or it assaults our human direction. It simply will not be used or manipulated by us. This life dwells in the heavenly realms.

It is here in us, but it dwells in the heavenlies.

This life is the revealer of the mysteries of heaven. It shows us things, which are to come.

This life is a stranger to this world.

It does not belong to its systems.

This life is not wanted in this fallen rebellious world.

It draws out evil against it.

The fuller this life becomes your life, the greater the assaults become against it.

This life draws out the Gods of this present age. It becomes a very real agitation for them when we truly begin to live by this life.

This life is invincible, indestructible, nothing can stand against it.

To come to this life, is to come to the conflict of the eternal ages.

This life exposes the prince of the powers of this present world.

It reveals his secrets, shows his lies, and exposes his servants. The deeper this life becomes your life, the clearer you begin to see.

It’s like peeling away layers of lies that cover the soul, every layer reveals more freedom.

The whole work of the powers of this present age is to get us to stop living by this life.

If we choose not live by it, the powers will leave us alone, they couldn’t care less about us.

All they are worried about is this eternal life, who is the Christ. The more you live by this life, the greater the antagonism against your position becomes.

This life is here in testimony now, but some day when the Lord returns, it will be here in fullness.

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