The rod of God

When he had disarmed the rulers and authorities, he made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through him. Col 2-15

The great question that that many scholars and theologians wrestle with is; why does the Lord allow the devil and the evil powers of this age to continue to exist in.

These evil fallen powers seem to be just having their way with fallen humanity, and also causing great havoc among believers.

At the cross these forces of evil were defeated.

The great question is why does the Lord allow these antagonistic forces to continue to exist, which are the cause so much pain and havoc in this present world.

Could not the Lord have sealed then in a prison until the Day of Judgment.

Why does he allow them to roam the earth with such awful results.

Sometimes when we come under the strain and antagonism of their evil work towards us, we begin to question, does the Lord really control these beings.

Why are they given such liberty?

Sometimes the answers to our questions are very hard for us to accept.

Martin Luther called the Devil the lords Devil?

For the scripture says to Pharaoh. For this very purpose I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth. Romans 9-17

So the question is if the Lord uses them as instruments of wrath, does this not implement the Lord in their evil?

The answer is no, if the Lord allows someone to do something that is in their nature to do, it does not implement the Lord in the thing they do; they do evil because they are evil.

If the Lord really let these fallen powers loose, we would really be in big trouble, the human race would quickly disintegrate into complete chaos.

The Lord is allowing their evil to manifest his Glory.

They are the instruments that drives us back to God.

The terror that they use towards us cause us to take refuge in our God.

By nature we are all prone to sinning, but the sin that we partake in results in the power of death over us.

You cannot sin without consequence, if you allow sin into your life, you allow the power of death into your life.

This power of death comes with the fallen evil spirits that you now have let enter your being, which in turn causes great pain and suffering.

Sin might be easy at first, but in no time at all it produces great pain and suffering.

Its very easy to let death enter in, but it’s a lot harder to get it out.

One scholar says, the instrument of our sin becomes the instrument of our judgment, the sin we allow becomes our judgment.

I wonder how many of us would continue to sin if there wasn’t such pain and suffering attached to the event.

We all know what happens when there are no consequences to our behavior.

As the Lord allowed the enemies of Israel to discipline their sin and rebellion, so in like manner the Lord allows the forces of evil to discipline the church and the world.

Make no mistake about it, the sting of sin is death, it is a painful thing to be delivered from the power of death, but thank God it drives us back to God.

2 thoughts on “The rod of God

    • Amen so we must bow to the truth of God’s word and Purpose . As He sayeth unto Pharaoh.
      Even for this same purpose have I raised the up,that I might shew my power in thee,and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.

      Therefore hath He mercy, on whom he will have mercy, and whom He will He hardeneth.
      Ro 9:17,18,20-23


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